Saturday, November 07, 2009

Goodbye To a South African Icon

VW has finally announced that the beloved Citi Golf is to be discontinued.

This is possibly even more sad than the demise of the ubiquitous Nissan (Datsun) 1200 bakkie that bit the dust last year.

The practise of manufacturing "South Africa only" models was pioneered by Leyland back in the 1970s, and some classics like the Austin Apache and the Triumph Chicane emerged.

In the 1980s, many carmakers just didn't bother to update their old models to keep costs down, with the result that cars like the old '92 Corolla became the Tazz and the Mk1 Golf just stayed the same.

Sadly, competition from crap Chinese efforts like GWM and pathetic Indian tack like the TATA has rendered them obsolete.

No doubt the Citi, like the lekker Nissan Bakkie, will be a feature of South African roads for many years to come, if the Mk3 V6 Cortina bakkie is anything to go by....

3 Opinion(s):

Exzanian said...

Red, yellow blue, this one's for you...Man, that car, the plucky Nissan 1400 and the Cortina V6 are quintessentially South African. Man, I loved that Cortina V6, it went like a bastard!

Doberman said...

The Ford Bantam too, remember them? How about the Ford XR3 baby brother of the XR6?

Anonymous said...

Golf One was designed by Giuargio senior - owner of Ital Design in the early seventies. Had one of the first GTs'es when it hit the shores of South Africa. All my kids had one too. Had one in one of our companies as a messenger vehicle. 430 000 km on the original engine ! Was replaced with another one. Must admit that I felt so nostalgic about the oncoming demise of this old friend that i bought one last week just for memory sake.