Sunday, November 15, 2009

Glenn Beck hosts black conservatives

You know the old saying, how to piss off a liberal /progressive /leftie? Work hard, make money, be happy. Glen Back has found another perhaps even better method. Put a stack of black conservatives in one room on a show, Democrats, Republicans and independents, people that voted for Obama, some who didn't and hear their views.

And yes, of course, there is such a thing as black conservatives, lots of them, but not that the liberal mainstream media would want you have believe. This type of exposure is guaranteed to send the liberal media into hysterics. Good. Hear those tiny popping sounds in the distance? That's the heads of white liberals exploding. I mean, how dare these blacks get all uppity an'...oh the horror...let me compose myself...actually speak for themselves? What kind of crazy notion is that?! That's what white liberals are for!

Beck here hosts a show devoted entirely to black conservatives that debunks the myth that all black Americans are Democrats and that all blacks approve of that dickhead in the White House, Barack Hussein Obama. Nice idea Beck.

You can watch the entire episode at Fox News.

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