Sunday, November 15, 2009

Farm workers shot as Zim Crisis continues

The nightmare in Zimbabwe is a never ending bad dream that I can't wake up from. I say let the lefties, in their cushy First World countries, witness this devestation first hand before they are allowed ANY say about Africa. Otherwise, shut the f*ck up.

Five Zimbabwean farm workers were shot while ten other were otherwise injured at Friedawil Farm in Chinhoyi, the Commercial Farmers’ Union has revealed.

This is despite the fact that the SADC troika here to solve the GPA stalemate between Zanu PF and MDC, the major political parties who formed an inclusive government, are in the country.

The pig farm belongs to Louis Fick, a South African citizen, who is the CFU vice president.

“We have just received news of the shooting,” said CFU president Deon Theron.

“Unfortunately Louis wasn’t on the farm at the time of the shooting as he is in Harare meeting with his lawyers.”

Of the 15 workers 12 were treated by a private doctor in Chinhoyi whilst three were taken to a private hospital in Harare.

A medical practitioner who requested anonymity said one worker was admitted and the other two were treated and discharged.

“Two of them had big cuts on the head. The other one who was admitted has a bad knee injury and we are waiting for a specialist,” he said.

Theron said Fick’s cook was shot in the chest, a second employee was shot in the head and a third sustained leg injuries.
The wife of the cook was shot in the head and her condition was believed to be serious.

Police spokesperson Superintendent Andrew Phiri said he was not aware of the case and referred the matter to Mashonaland West province.
“I am not aware of the case but I will try to find out, you can call our spokesperson in Mash West,”

The shootings were a culmination of an ongoing dispute over the farm’s ownership.

Deputy RBZ governor Edward Mashiringwani has been trying to evict Fick so that he can take over the farm.

Last month, Mashiringwani moved onto the farm with about 15 guards who threatened senior staff members and beat up one of the resident guards.

Mashiringwani’s employees also locked the gates leading the pigsties and crocodile enclosures and refused to allow water and food to be taken to the animals.

Since then Fick’s cattle were held in an enclosure and denied access to grazing.

A South African farmer, Crawford von Abo, who also received no support from the South African government after losing his highly successful farming operation in Zimbabwe as well as several businesses, took his case to South African Constitution Court.

Earlier in June the Constitutional Court upheld a High Court judgment which ruled the South African government should have offered von Abu the necessary protection against the land grabs.

The court ruled that the South African government had 60 days to remedy the situation. The government could also be held responsible for paying compensation for losses and damages amounting to R80 million.

This is a new sign that Zanu PF and MDC are at loggerheads given that the parties promised that they will respect human rights.

An Analyst said: "Zimbabwe is still a pariah state. Its hard to see a future where Mugabe can allow democracy to flourish or stop the farm invasions.

By John Mokwetsi

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Anonymous said...

This once great country, "The Breadbasket of Africa" has been turned into a third world country, thanks to the savage communist kaffirs.

Exzanian said...

I feel sorry for old popcorn face Morgan Tsvangirai propping up this sham of a government. If he bows out, nobody will notice a difference. Bob Mugabe is the de facto president (and Zanu PF the ruling party) in Zim forever. Just as the ANC will be the ruling party in Azania forever and a day.