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Does Africa Need Whites to Grow?

Thanks to CensorBugbear Reports for bringing this letter to my attention. It was posted at myCityPress, in response to a now well-known letter from Joe Igbokwe of Lagos, enviously attributing the success of South Africa (in comparison to Nigeria) to the its substantial white population. It represents a novel attempt to write whites out of the equation.

by 2009-11-15 14:00

IT SEEMS to make infinitely more sense to compare South Africa to other former “Dominion” countries such as Canada and Australia instead of Nigeria.

Instead of attributing South Africa’s exceptional fortune in having impressive infrastructure to the supposed inherent superiority of whites, it would perhaps be better to consider the role of JBM Hertzog’s Pact Government of 1924 to 1933.

The Pact Government introduced tariffs to protect local industry, pursued import-substitutionist policies and embarked on an aggressive programme of developing physical infrastructure.

This included the establishment of Iscor and Eskom to help in promoting the development of South Africa’s economy that now seems to dazzle Joe Igbokwe from Lagos.

But the crucial enabling factor, without which it is doubtful whether South Africa’s economic trajectory would have diverged from that of the rest of Africa, was the Balfour Declaration of 1926 and the Statute of Westminster of December 1931.

The Balfour Declaration emanated from the so-called Inter-Imperial Relations Committee, which was chaired by Arthur Balfour and, significantly, was inspired by among others Hertzog. These two interventions gave impetus to the independence of the former “Dominion” countries, allowing them a measure of autonomy to develop the infrastructure that in South Africa’s case Igbokwe finds so awesome.

However, the British were determined to ensure that their other colonies such as Nigeria and India remained utterly in thrall, perpetually weak and dependent.

Ironically, Igbokwe does not need to hanker for whites as oil multinationals are already entrenched in Nigeria and, like Western multinationals everywhere, have been complicit in shoring up the kleptocratic and dysfunctional Nigerian state.

Wella Msimanga,
Cape Town

Well, full points for effort, Wella, but zero for analysis. The Balfour Declaration was an acknowledgement of two things: firstly, that certain former colonies, the "Dominions" were mature and capable enough to run their own affairs, and secondly that the United Kingdom would not interfere in the right of those countries to independence if sought.

By extension, it implied that others weren't, but that decision was revoked in around 1960 when many former colonies were let go. The difference between successful former colonies and unsuccessful ones goes right to the root of colonialism itself: the ability to transplant a population to a new environment.

Countries suitable for development and occupation by white Europeans, such as North America, Australia and (very few) parts of Africa, were colonised - others weren't, and this decision was made for largely circumstantial and environmental reasons. Presence of disease, a hostile climate, and strategic unimportance were defining issues in the decision of whether or not to send large numbers of colonists to an area.

The author's letter deconstructs itself - if Nigeria had had large numbers of white colonists, its history would have turned out very differently, and would likely have been included in the 1931 Statute of Westminster.

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FishEagle said...

Ugh! The over-the-top fancy wording is just too typical of an insecure African mind. Irritates the crap out of me. Couldn't finish reading it.

Anonymous said...

"The Pact Government introduced tariffs to protect local industry,"

Cant be done under WTO rules now.


Depends on what Africa wants to grow. So far it has grown brilliantly :
AIDS, the begging bowl, general corruption, ignorant populations, crime, various treatable deseases, potholes, pollution, parasitical dictators and corrupt polititians.
No Whitey required - they are world beaters in above categories.

Anonymous said...

Emphases on the "ignorant populations," as most of the morons commenting and posting on this site will attest.