Monday, November 02, 2009

Die Kaplyn (with English subtitles) - Bok van Blerk

Continuing my theme of late to recall and honour the brave young men who fought the wars on the border, soldiers that the ANC terrorist regime will not recognise but instead honours communists and terrorists like Che Guevara and Arafat who had nothing to do with South Africa plus mass murderer and dictator Fidel Castro and his soldiers, here is a stirring rendition with English subtitles of Bok van Blerk's song Die Kaplyn (The Cutline), in memory of all who served a once proud South Africa, pre 1994. We really are a society of halves, one that remembers and lives for the ideals and values of a pre-1994 South Africa and one that follows the hideous regime that followed, the ANC marxist terrorist enterprise.

South African Defence Force Wall of Remembrance

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Anonymous said...

Duty is dumb BS. Dutchmen like Bothas, De Klerk, etc betrayed their own troopies. All those brave generaals Breytenbach, Geldenhuys, etc are laughing their heads off to hell and back, enjoying their pensions on the backs of dead troopies.