Monday, November 02, 2009

Come Fly With Me!

Now Amos whatever you do DON'T pull this lever! Wheech one? Oh this oooooooooooone..........

What the hell was civilian doing in an Airforce plane, oh yes I forget, this is South Africa and we can do as we please!

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A civilian passenger in an air force display plane got the shock of his life when he reached for something to steady himself – and pulled the ejector seat.

The novice flier instantly shot through the jet's perspex canopy and was blasted 100m (320ft) into the sky by the rocket-powered emergency chair.

He survived the 20g-force – about four times the amount a Formula One driver experiences when braking heavily – and could have broken his spine, experts said.

It is thought he activated the ejector seat after lurching forward during an aerobatic manoeuvre and pulled the black and yellow emergency handle between his legs.

'You get one almighty kick under the backside and then you're gone,' said a retired pilot. 'The seat separates from the pilot automatically and the chute opens. 'If you don't get it right, and are not in the correct ejection posture, you can sustain severe spinal cord injuries or even worse.'

The lever is fitted in the Pilatus PC-7 Mk II jets to allow pilots and their passengers to eject from the aircraft in an emergency. It only needs to be pulled 2.5cm to activate two rockets attached to the chair.

The unnamed man floated back to earth on a parachute. The incident happened just after he took off for a flight with the Silver Falcons display team last Wednesday near Cape Town, South Africa.

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