Thursday, November 26, 2009

Climategate: Leaked e-mails exposes climate fraud.

There was a brief debate here concerning the validity of the notion whether carbon-dioxide was a driving factor in climate change. With the recent release of e-mails between the top climate officials at a leading foundation [ which supported the notion ] but now have been exposed as having manipulated the data to conform to a preconceived model: the foundation [ pun intended ] on which the Carbon-dioxide based global warming hoax was based on has been totally compromised if not entirely obliterated as the leaked & authenticated e-mails even show dirty tricks involved at they very top & how they prevented those who disagreed with them from being included in the peer reviewed journals. When the scientific process is subverted in order to advance an agenda of taxation: then the entire hypothesis must be reconsidered.

Climate change scientists reject claims they 'manipulated' data to prove global warming is caused by humans.

By Daniel Martin

Last updated at 2:09 PM on 23rd November 2009

The director of a climate research unit at the centre of a row over
manipulating data on global warming after hundreds of private emails were stolen by hackers said today it was 'ludicrous' to suggest anything untoward took place during the research.

The material was taken from servers at the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit, a world-renowned research centre, before it was published on websites run by climate change sceptics, possibly in a bid to undermine next month's global climate summit in Denmark.

But Professor Phil Jones, the centre's director whose emails were at the centre of the row, said he wanted to put the record straight. Climate-change sceptics claim emails they have discovered prove that data which did not support global warming was suppressed.

Some commentators claimed his emails showed that scientists at the centre manipulated data to bolster their argument that global warming is genuine and is being caused by human actions.

In one email seized upon by sceptics, Prof Jones referred to a 'trick' being employed to massage temperature statistics to 'hide the decline'.

Today, he said the email 'caused a great deal of ill-informed comment, but has been taken completely out of context and I want to put the record straight'.

He said: 'The word 'trick' was used here colloquially as in a clever thing to do. It is ludicrous to suggest that it refers to anything untoward.'

But Lord Lawson, the former chancellor who is now a prominent climate change sceptic, called for an independent inquiry into the claims.

He said the credibility of the unit and of British science were under threat.
'They should set up a public inquiry under someone who is totally respected and get to the truth,' he told the BBC Radio Four Today programme.

'If there's an explanation for what's going on they can make that explanation.'

Kevin Trenberth, a leading climate change scientist whose private emails were also among those stolen, said the leaks may have been aimed at undermining next month's global climate summit in Denmark.

Dr Trenberth, of the US National Centre for Atmospheric Research, in Colorado, said he believed the hackers deliberately distributed only those documents that could help attempts by sceptics to undermine the scientific consensus on man-made climate change.

'It is right before the Copenhagen debate, I'm sure that is not a coincidence,' he said.

The lead author on the 2001 and 2007 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change assessments said he found 102 of his emails posted online.

'I personally feel violated,' he said.

'I'm appalled at the very selective use of the e-mails, and the fact they've been taken out of context.'

In one of the stolen e-mails, he is quoted as saying: 'We can't account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can't.'

He said sceptics had argued it showed scientists can not explain some trends that appear to contradict their stance on climate change.

But Dr Trenberth said his phrase was actually contained in a paper he wrote about the need for better monitoring of global warming to explain the anomalies - in particular improved recording of rising sea surface temperatures.

Last week, a spokesman for the University of East Anglia said: 'It is a matter of concern that data, including personal information about individuals, appears to have been illegally taken from the university and elements published selectively on a number of websites.

'The volume of material published and its piecemeal nature makes it impossible to confirm what proportion is genuine.

'We took immediate action to remove the server in question from operation and have involved the police in what we consider to be a criminal investigation.'


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Anonymous said...

Global warming was NEVER about saving the Earth. It was always about global control, higher taxes, and a centralized one world government.
The previous French president Mitterand admitted this openly.

Anonymous said...

"Published selectively"! Indeed, this is such clap trap and you can't find this story being reported in most MSM. This just tells me there's a huge cover-up and well done to those who exposed this fraud. Now, we all know we need to look after our planet, but to tax the only thing that they can possibly tax is just grand theft. Until I hear that China and India are not having anymore children I refuse to listen to any of these looney tunes. They want to tax the mainly white population and use this money to push their liberal and ever increasingly socialist agenda. Wake up people!

Anonymous said...

Ron, i applaud you for posting this article!
i sincerely hope that certain contrbutors of this blog can now put the pieces of the puzzle together and recognise that the so-called man-made global warming crisis was created by leftist politicians and "scientists" to further their own interests and agendas.
let it be known that Professor Phil Jones, the centre's director whose emails were at the centre of the row was the source of Al Gore's "scientific evidence" with regards to temperature records.
perhaps FE will demote Gore from his/her list of heros now?

Anonymous said...

These "scientists" should be tried in the world court for fraud and then stripped of their degrees and boot right out of academia!

Anonymous said...

Listen to what Nick Griffin from the BNP has to say about Global warming.


Anonymous said...

Got to love Nick Griffin, for spelling it out for the sheeple.