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Celebrate British History Month November 2009

Black History Month is held every October in the UK. During this month all black people are encouraged to celebrate their origins, their culture, their past and their achievements. Prime ministers, politicians, journalists, pop stars and celebrities all line up to give their support for Black History Month. There are exhibitions, websites, events and initiatives in schools, universities, colleges, town halls and city centres all over the United Kingdom.

Black History Month this year has drawn support from all sections of the establishment. Here is what David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party, had to say: "Black History Month is now a well-established part of the British calendar. As well as a celebration of history, arts and culture, it gives us all an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the immense contribution made to all aspects of our society by Black and Minority Ethnic communities."

Likewise, Prime Minister Gordon Brown, leader of the Labour Party, has voiced his support: "Black History Month is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the significance of the UK's black history, and remember the lives and achievements of those whose stories have too often been ignored."

The British National Party thinks it is a noble and worthwhile thing having a Black History Month - a specific month where all black people can celebrate their identity, explore their heritage and show their pride. We would like to see all races and nationalities doing the same thing. It is only with pride and knowledge of who we are and where we came from - the very essence of nationalism - that we will all learn to live together in this world.


The success of Black History Month and the wide ranging support it has attracted has prompted the BNP to declare November of every year official British History Month. During November, we can celebrate the glorious history of the British people and the heritage of the British Isles, British culture, British traditions and British customs. We can celebrate our heroes, our achievements, our struggles, our leaders and our ancestors.

It is only fair that we can celebrate our ancestral heritage like everyone else, without being castigated with horrible labels like 'racist'. If black people are encouraged, supported and funded when they wish to celebrate their heritage, native British peoples must be able to freely celebrate their own rich and amazing heritage.

BUT, don't imagine for one moment that the political and media class in Britain will do anything other than sneer at the suggestion that native British people can and should celebrate their own heritage. It is supreme hypocrisy that black people are given their own specially designated history month, but the history of the native peoples of Britain is not given any funding, any support and any recognition!

It is up to us to celebrate British History Month -
we need YOUR help!

Last year's British History Month was a success, despite the hostility from the educational establishment. Leaflets were distributed, a website created, and email bulletins were dispatched to all sorts of student groups. This year must be bigger and better. We need your support to help make British History Month a success. The Young BNP has organised a nationwide campaign - but your generosity is needed to help make this campaign happen. Here is what the Young BNP needs help with:

1. New British History Month leaflet: £1,500
2. British History Month posters: £500
3. British History Month mobile exhibition: £300
TARGET: £2,300

The British History Month campaign will reach every region of the United Kingdom. Chairman Nick Griffin has vowed to get involved and help to spread awareness. Young BNP activists the length and breadth of the country are roaring to go. Can you send a small gift to ensure that this campaign is a success?

To send an urgent gift:
To send an urgent gift by telephone: 0207 078 8838

The heritage of the native peoples of the British Isles is under threat in modern Britain because the liberal-leftwing political and media elite despise and hate anything that will give our peoples a sense of group identity and solidarity. A full knowledge of British history, of our heroes, our struggles, our ancestral heritage poses a threat to the imposition of a 'multicultural' society in Britain. Knowledge of our heritage will make us aware of what we stand to lose should we become a minority in our own homeland - the ultimate and final aim of the liberal-leftwing ruling elite.

Help us keep the memory of our ancestors alive!

It is up to US, the patriots of Britain, to keep our ancestral heritage alive. We must teach our children and grand-children about Boudicca, Alfred, Wallace, the Bruce, Glendower, Elizabeth, Cromwell, Wellington, Nelson and Churchill. It is up to us to teach our descendents about the Armada, Trafalgar, Waterloo, the Somme, Dunkirk, D-Day, the Falklands.

It is up to us to educate our people about our origins, our ancestors, Celts, Saxons, Angles, Jutes, Normans and so on. It is up to us to celebrate the achievements of our people in technology, science and progress. It is up to us to highlight the genius of our nation, our scientists, inventors, builders and engineers.

It is our duty to pass on our myths, legends and stories and to keep our thriving mythical heritage alive. It is our job to show pride in our struggles against tyranny and oppression, such as Magna Carta and the Peasants' Revolt.

British History Month is also our opportunity to honour the millions of our people who have sacrificed their lives to ensure that our country was never invaded and conquered. From the days of Queen Boudicca, who battled the Romans to a standstill, to the Falklands War, the sons and daughters of our people have suffered and struggled to keep our island homeland free and independent.

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