Monday, November 02, 2009

Canadian Refugee Targets To Be Adjusted

I'm not sure Jason Kenney has a grip on his portfolio. He has been criticised by the left for being racist, when he clamped down on Tamils; and he probably responded by launching an attack on Brandon Huntley. But what is disturbing is that his latest move is to reduce the numbers of certain categories of immigrants; namely refugees and family members, yet retain high overall numbers; in the region of 265,000. This guy still fully endorses the multicultural utopian dream. What an idiot. I am all for a complete overhaul of the entire system, which must include a study showing the real price of third world immigration.

OTTAWA — Canada plans to cut substantially the number of refugees it will accept in the coming year from people who make their claim after arriving in the country, according to new government figures.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says Canada expects to accept between 9,000 and 12,000 claims in 2010, including their dependants, from people who apply for asylum after arriving in Canada.

The number is less than half the 22,500 to 28,800 refugees and dependants targeted for acceptance in 2006 under the former Liberal government. (Oh yea, but 1 white South African may upset the apple cart. Can you imagine if every single applicant was subjected to the same process?)

The targets have dropped steadily since 2006 according to the annual reports to Parliament on immigration levels.

Olivia Chow, the NDP immigration critic, said Monday she sees the new targets as evidence the government, which is planning to introduce a refugee reform package in the coming weeks, wants to "look tough."

"Beatings, torture, suffering and even deaths will occur," she said, "and unfortunately many will be turned away. Canada is no longer a land of hope and compassion." (Boo hoo hoo, cry me a river. Most of these claimants are from Somalia anyway.)

Kenney has made no secret of his unhappiness with the current refugee process, which he says needs to be reformed to reduce abuse by "bogus" refugees. He also has promised to crack down on phoney immigration consultants who, he says, tutor aspiring refugees on how to outwit the system.

The latest immigration report said Canada plans to accept between 240,000 and 265,000 permanent residents in the coming year, a number that is in line with targets in recent years. (So we shuffle the deckchairs, but the demographic genocide continues.)

The bulk of the new residents — as many as 166,800 — will be admitted under the economic class, meaning people willing to start a business or those having skills that are in short supply in Canada. (Yes, skills that immigration says are acceptable, but which are rejected by the private sector. This is your gap, South Africans. Any old Damelin diploma may do the trick. I have mentioned this before.)

The targets for family class have dropped to a maximum of 63,000 from 71,000.

Canada accepted almost 22,000 refugees in 2008. The number includes those sponsored from abroad by the government and private interests, as well as those who sought asylum after arriving in Canada and their dependents.

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Viking said...

Great article, Vanilla Ice.
I want to echo your sentiments - Canada is in dire need of skills and they are more desperate than they let on, for immigrants who can actually speak English. Or are willing to try, there are public servants here from China who have been here for years and have made little effort to learn. The locals are getting pissed off.

Not just English speaking South Africans, but Afrikaners too have a natural advantage. Get a diploma in plumbing and get started.

Vanilla Ice said...

@Viking. You may have missed my main thrust. Yes, Canada is in dire need of skills BUT ....

Immigration has a tendency to let in anything that looks like it has skills, without consulting with the private sector. This, naturally, is a South African's opportunity, as Immigration does not verify the worth of your qualification. The verification process is conducted by the private sector, and this is where you become under-employed. You either need to acquire further accreditations, or you get employed as a taxi driver, or you simply don't get employed.

I haven't figured it out yet. I am not sure if it truly is skills equivalency, whether it is language or plain old prejudice packaged as something else.

My other concern is the blind focus on immigration without paying attention to the consequences. Canada has the highest per capita immigration rate in the world.

Having said all of the above, South Africans need to exploit this opportunity by using any piece of paper to verify some skill or other.

Exzanian said...

Probably the easiest way to get a foot in the door to Canada is if you already have family there that are naturalised. My sister is in Calgary and some time back extended an invite to me, quite casually. Come to Canada, no big deal, we'll sponsor you. There was plenty of work and Calgary was booming (oil) Of course that was a few years back and since then the scene has changed. The credit crisis has also had a massive impact on the industry. Luckily I had another option:)

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Thanks VI,

I sent ol Kenny, another letter of the other day; and got a response that it was read; not only by his office, but also the SA Commissioner!
» Deepak Obhrai: Member of Parliament for Calgary East; Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs

» Minister of Citizenship & Immigration: Jason Kenney [Read: 30 Oct 2009 09:08:26 -0400]

» High Commissioner for Canada: Ruth Archibald [Read: 30 Oct 2009 15:05:04 +0200]

» Immigration & Refugee Board: Media: Charles Hawkins [Read: October 30, 2009 9:06:36 AM (GMT-05:00)]

» Immigration & Refugee Board: William Davis

» High Comm. Mr. Abraham Sokhaya Nkomo [Read: 10/30/2009 9:40 AM]

Subject: PC Canada vs. IRB & Huntley: How many SA Black on White Crimes are Racially Motivated? (PDF)

Vanilla Ice said...

@ExZ. She's right. The processing time is the fastest, and it is straightforward. Pity you didn't come.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good immigration work VI.

Anonymous said...

When will you guys work it out, they (the "West") want to rid the world of White Africans. We constitute a massive danger to their plans to flood the World with "blacks"! We know what these people are capable of and we will NOT be permitted to tell the "whites" living in the last few remaining regions where whites constitute a majority!

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