Monday, November 23, 2009

Canadian govt dismisses Huntley's claims of political interference

Of course there was political pressure. If this had been a non-white applying, the ANC wouldn't have paid any notice but since this was a white man making the statement that the new ANC-utopia was all but a haven of brotherly love, the ANC regime immediately objected and only AFTER the objections from the South African government did the Canadian government announce that it would appeal. The time line of events is quite clear.

The Canadian government has rubbished Brandon Huntley's claims that it was pressurised into challenging his "white crime refugee" status by South African authorities.

Lawyers for Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney maintain that the judgment that gave Huntley asylum, on the basis of the alleged persecution he suffered as a white South African, was so ludicrous that they could not let it stand.

Click here to read the Canadian government's response.

3 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

This seems to be like a tennis match. Does anyone know what the process is and when a decision will be made?

The Rooster said...

Well to be fair his claims are ludicrous and silly. Cape Town is dangerous for white people ? He would stand out there as a white person ?

Bwahahahahahaha. Noob.

Anonymous said...

Most areas,yes but you can never be too sure...

I'm glad I live in Cape Town. Everytime I visit my brother in Honeydew near Jozi, I'm always more alert than usual. People shouldn't have to live like this and yet, we do.