Monday, November 02, 2009

Canada's Priorities: Good To Know They Are Serious About Economic Growth ... NOT


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The earlier posting prompted me to examine the current processing times, by category, associated with South African applications.

Let's strip the clothes off the Emperor and have a look at the size of his package.

The red line is an arbitrary benchmark of 24 months (2 years), which I think is a reasonable amount of time to wait for an application to be processed, albeit a little long. Back in the day, 1999, I waited a mere 12 months, from beginning to receipt of my visas.

It is assumed that Canada's rhetoric is to be believed, namely that immigration fuels economic growth and provides desperately needed skills. If there is a direct correlation, one would think that you would fast track applicants that have this effect, namely investors, entrepreneurs and skilled migrants.

Let's have a look:

You have money (investor category); you will have to wait about 3 years.

You have skills (skilled migrant); you will have to wait about 4 years.

You want to start a business (entrepreneur category); you will have to wait about 5.5 years.

Oh, but wait; if you are a government sponsored refugee, or a dependent of a refugee, you will be processed in about 18 months.

Amazing; talk about f**ked up priorities.

Okay, so Jason Kenney will claim he is aware of this, and that is why he is setting limits on refugee and family numbers. Give me a break; you need to set limits AND accelerate the rate at which deserving applicants can gain access. All the current system does is make the ideal applicants dishonest, given that they need to find an alternative loophole.

Minister Kenney, are you not aware that time is finite, or are you just callous? What the hell are business migrants supposed to do for 5 years, whilst you shuffle paperwork? No entrepreneur has 5 years to sit around with a business idea. In case you didn't know this; 56% of Canadians are employed by small or medium enterprises. Moreover, given the state South Africa is in, many of these legitimate applicants will be maimed or dead in 5 years time. What the hell did we vote you into office for, if you can't adequately address the system that is supposed to benefit all Canadians?

Just like I thought; the Emperor's package is missing a key ingredient, bollocks.

So where is the loophole? If you have money, apply for a foreign study permit in a field that Canada requires. You will gain immediate access, and will be able to do some part time work. After you complete your studies, you can then apply for Permanent Residence under the Canadian Experience category. Even with completing your studies and acquiring experience, it will take a damn side less time than through conventional channels, but it is costly.

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Richmond BC real estate said...

I think it's just a typical example of Canadian protectionism, both cultural and economical. I have nothing against protecting our national interests, but I don't believe that this is the best way. If we want our country to be percepted as a good place to live, we can't just close our doors to everything and everyone...

Jay, Richmond BC

Anonymous said...

Jay, I think you missed my core point. I too live in Canada. My point is that Canada makes it easier for refugees to enter the country, than it does qualified and suitable applicants. Refugees do not lead to economic prosperity. This requires money, skills and entrepreneurial flare; all the characteristics that Canada is slow to accommodate.