Saturday, November 21, 2009

Boycott Vodacom Campaign Started

A blog has been started to raise awareness of the blacks-only shares sale currently run by Vodacom in South Africa.

This sale of shares is unashamedly racist, but in an age where complaining anti-white racism is brushed off as 'whingeing', and the inherent double-standard goes unrecognised, it's important to note that this share offer has frightening implications for freedom, and for business in South Africa.

This has arisen because the powers that BEE have decided that not enough non-whites own shares. Well, then encourage them to participate in the market economy. Preach capitalism, remind them that they are part of the economy and tell them of the benefits of investing. Don't cloak it in language that says 'buy shares to get the better of whitey'.

Vodacom is a private company that has never forbidden any ethnic group from owning shares; non-whites have been able to invest, the fact that they haven't is no fault of yours or mine. If the ANC preaches outdated Marxist theory, parasitic tax-and-spend policies, and nationalisation of industries "for the people", they can't be surprised if their citizens don't learn to invest.

At best, Vodacom is toadying to the new baas. At worst, this sets a precedent that says it's ok to enforce quotas on company ownership.

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Censorbugbear said...

Thanks for posting this. I've also posted a new story on my blog about this campaign, which most certainly is well worth supporting. And can anyone tell me what is going on in Rustenburg? There's a lot of really weird stuff going down there right now...