Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Australia Tolerates PC Bullshit

This story comes from left wing communist filth The Morning Star online. It's very easy to imagine that it's satire, but it is actually real.

The reasons for Amnesty International sticking its beak into Australian affairs are best known to themselves, as Australia is not known for its political prisoners. However, Amnesty has been expanding far beyond its original brief, lately, and this may explain it.

Australia 'must rid itself of racism'

Australia must abolish policies that discriminate against Aborigines in its quest to lift its indigenous population out of poverty, Amnesty International secretary general Irene Khan has warned.

Amnesty singled out the Canberra government's so-called emergency intervention, aimed at eradicating child sex abuse in outback aboriginal communities. [colonialist bastards]

The government suspended anti-racial discrimination laws two years ago in order to introduce sweeping measures banning alcohol and hard-core pornography as well as controlling how social security cheques could be spent.

These were targeted at Aborigines in the remote Northern Territory, although such restrictions do not apply to Australians of other races.

Ms Khan warned that Aboriginal poverty was "the most pressing frontier for human rights" in Australia and said the government must find a solution that respected all Aborigines' rights without compromising racial equality. [including their right to b****r their own kids]

"If Australia is to move to a lasting solution to poverty within its own borders, the government must move out of the knee-jerk emergency measures that are compromising and distorting human rights," she affirmed.

"They feel disempowered, robbed of their dignity, threatened with the loss of their identity and attacked on their own ancestral lands." [did they use those exact words?]

The UN's special rapporteur on indigenous human rights James Anaya reported three months ago that the sweeping restrictions imposed on Aborigines breached Australia's international obligations on human and indigenous rights.

Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin accepted that the suspension of discrimination laws had "left Aboriginal people feeling hurt, betrayed and less worthy than other Australians."

She insisted her government would soon restore the legislation, but Canberra has not yet explained how restrictions on Aborigines might be amended

Aborigines are in a minority of 500,000 among Australia's 22 million population and on average their life expectancy is 10 years less than other Australians. [is that racism too?]

Ms Khan said she had been surprised to witness the extent of their poverty.

"In the heart of the First World, I saw scenes more reminiscent of the Third World - of countries torn by war, dominated by repressive regimes or racked by corruption," she said.

"It is pretty clear that what they are suffering from is a base violation of human rights [of course, what else?] and this violation occurs on a continent of such privilege that it is not merely disheartening, it is deeply disturbing."

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Anonymous said...

"Australia 'must rid itself of racism'"

NO! Australia must rid itself of LIBERALS.

FishEagle said...

You know, some people are just happy when they have a pedestal to stand on. Their gibberish has no significance or value, yet that never seems to matter. As long as THEY got heard.

Anonymous said...

A somewhat controversial opinion but....It's funny how people of colour always seem to live in 3rd world environments. Even if they're based in a first world country! Why is it they cannot better themselves?

Look at Africa, thrown free of the shackles of Colonialism, and it's doing just fine thanks!

Anonymous said...

Uhm... Anon @ 5:20...

Birds of a feather flock together and ALWAYS remake their surroundings into what they desire. As they have no requirement or desire or even ability to create and maintain a first world style of life and environment it invariably decays to the lowest common denominator - turd world.

Doberman said...

I heard the stupid Bangladeshi cow on TV last night. She was asked how much of Australia she has actually witnessed this 'abuse' and she said, oh she hadn't, she had been to ONE settlement, obviously run down, but hey, good enough to extrapolate to include the whole country. When the interviewer pressed her, she appeared flustered. Her 'helpers' were "informing her". Aussies are not PC and do not take people attacking their country lightly. She can basically fu*k off and she knows it.

Anonymous said...

Amen. Let her go back to Bangladesh where it's a first world country with no poverty or disease. Love it when they come to a country that's well run with some of the best indicators out there to tell them how to run their country. That the media give these clowns a platform is the biggest sin.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Lets not pollute the life of the noble Abbos with white tax payers money!
Let them live unhindered to their full potential. However by themselves.

always-a-realist said...

Amnesty International is simply trying to cause discord within the white Australian population, by using the discrimination card. The Abos are like the coon you can throw an unlimited amount of money at them, but they will end up living in squalor. Over a period of ten years a sum of $A 250 million was pumped into an Abo community near Alice Springs, despite this fact the place is the pits everything provided for them has been destroyed.
Amnesty International is yet another organization controlled by the Zionists, They punt Human Rights and anti discrimination around the world, whilst Israel has no regard for Human Rights.
I suggest that you read the article on the attached link.
From the article you will also discover how the white South African's got shafted by the Zio/Capitalists and are still getting shafted. They have simply switched their allegiance from the Nats to the ANC.

Viking said...

she's from Bangladesh????!!!!!

Well, now, come on FFS. that's all I can say.
What did she expect to see? Aboriginals living just like Australians? with no culture of their own? leave them the hell alone, liberals, they are living just the way they want to.

I've often wondered what liberals think SHOULD have happened. Should captain Cook or whoever have just rocked up to Australia and started giving the natives jobs as engineers and doctors? should they have rounded them up and put them in schools? o, wait, they did - and that was called "imperialism", which is A Bad Thing, right?

Maybe just take their kids and educate them? O, wait, they did that and that was A Bad Thing too.

These people have NO SOLUTIONS, they can only criticise other people.

Anonymous said...

What's your solution Viking?

Viking said...

Leave them the f*ck alone. People aren't a problem to be solved. Let them live like they want, if they want to come into mainstream Australian culture they should be allowed to.
As for amnesty? they should STFU and stick to trying to free political prisoners from totalitarian regimes. They're overstepping their boundaries a lot these days.
what is your solution, anon?

Zarky said...

There is one thing that makes my guts grumble and that is that it is always f_cking white women that bemoans racism against their own kind and then they get raped or killed!? God almighty help me as I am about to have a stroke just thinking about it!!! As my favourite character would say: " stupid is as stupid does"