Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another day, another crisis

Remember the mighty military machine that would strike fear into the hearts of the Cubans and Russians and ANC terrs anywhere in Africa?

Remember how organised, highly disciplined and internationally respected our army was? Recall how well it ranked among the best armies in the world?

Remember how badly run the ANC camps were, like Camp Quatro for instance?

To prove you can take gold and turn it into shit at turbo speed, enter the ANC. In just 15 years the ANC has reduced a mighty army into a lump of shit.

We have in effect, no functioning army and we couldn't defend ourselves against Swaziland if they decided to invade us. We'd need tsotsis to hop in and lend a hand.

Where does it all end? I'll tell you where it ends. When Sipho returns to his natural state of sitting under a tree watching his cattle and occasionally reaching up to pluck a fruit. That's if it's a good year. The dismal state of our once 1st World country also rubbishes the claim that Africa would have developed on par without the white man's help. Right, they couldn't even maintain the developed colonies left behind. One by one they imploded and so we're just following the natural course of Africa.

Shock report on SA's 'military time bomb'

The defence force is in crisis. Soldiers are living in shacks as their barracks decay, discipline has broken down at major bases and the top military hospital is collapsing.

Judge Ronnie Bosielo, chairman of a commission looking into conditions of service in the military, told Parliament's defence committee the situation was so dire that he had submitted an urgent interim report to Lindiwe Sisulu, minister of defence and military veterans, telling her that the crisis was "a ticking time bomb" and she had to act immediately.

"[SANDF] members are demoralised. They are disgruntled, they don't know where they stand.

Something must be done about it. These are the harsh realities we are confronted with," he said.

Bosielo and members of his commission told MPs that barracks were in decay, with ceilings collapsing, and toilets and showers not working. He said conditions were "sub-human".

1 Military Hospital, in Pretoria, once the flagship of the Medical Corps, was falling apart. It did not have a resident radiographer, the committee was told.

The commissioners said soldiers wanted to join trade unions because grievance procedures were not working. There was a backlog of more than 660 cases waiting to be heard, and some had been in the queue for several years.

"We wondered how soldiers survive with the salaries they are getting," Bosielo said.

"Because of the salary bracket they are in, they do not qualify for RDP houses. At the same time, because of the meagre salaries they earn, they do not qualify to go to banks to secure bonds, so they are falling [through] the cracks. And what are the cracks? To go to the informal settlements and stay in the shacks in the townships.

"This is what prompted us to draft and prepare an interim report to the minister; to draw her attention and say we are sitting on a time bomb. If you don't attend to it today - or yesterday - you're going to regret it," Bosielo said.

A private with more than 10 years of service takes home R3,000 to R3,200 a month after deductions, including medical aid and pension contributions. If he lives in military accommodation, he pays about R500 a month.

The entry-level pay for a soldier can be as low as R2,300, compared with about R6,400 for a police constable.

"At Doornkop and Lens [two major military bases that the commissioners visited] there is a complete breakdown of discipline - complete," Bosielo said.

Sisulu appointed the commission after soldiers from two military trade unions stormed the Union Buildings in August, claiming that their conditions of service were untenable. Sisulu and President Jacob Zuma condemned the attack and blamed the military trade unions for the breakdown of discipline.

Though Sisulu and Zuma said that soldiers should not belong to trade unions, Bosielo insisted that two Constitutional Court rulings had endorsed union rights for soldiers. "We cannot wish away the trade unions," he said.

He said most of the soldiers the commission had interviewed believed that their plight would not be in the spotlight if they had not marched on Zuma's office at the Union Buildings.

"There was not a single unit that we visited that did not have very strong views in favour of the unions. - Read full report at Times Live

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Anonymous said...

Who on earth could have predicted that this would happen ? Seeing the glorious sucess stories of liberated African countries I would have given the ANC at least 20 years to finish off the army
They did it in record time ! True noble sons and daughters of Africa.

Zarky said...

And then they still tell us to leave the country, they know they need the white man but will never admit to it! We on the other hand have reason to be proud to say that we served in the best Army (SADF)in Africa and not the SANDF, THERE IS NOTHING TO BE PROUD OF ANYMORE IN THIS COUNTRY!!!


Anonymous said...

The blacks want the whites out so that they don't have a conscience pecking on them all the time. We know what it was like to live in SA 15 years ago - and so do they. They are an embarrasment and should be ashamed to call themselves South Africans. They are imposters and thieves and should return to deep dark Africa where they belong.

Anonymous said...


What happened to the bombardier walking in with a hammer and nails, closely followed by two gunners with a ladder saying: "Troepe, julle lewe sif. kry julle Fokken sleg-gatte in rat en maak nou daai fokken dak reg, julle ma se poese!" Followed by hours of suitable incentive not to allow the bungalow to fall into disrepair again?

After that opvok we made sure we kept the place painted, clean, neat and tidy. Going so far as to replace windows and toilet seats at our own cost. And that on about R 186.00 per month. That R 3200.00 for a troopie living on base is PURE POCKET MONEY. Food, uniforms etc. are all provided for them. It is beer and smokes money.

However, all "people" will remake the world in their image, so it is unsurprising that the black "soldiers" remake their little world into one of chaos, decay, slovenliness and ineffectiveness.

@ Zarky... The love of money is truly the root of all kinds of evil.

@ Anon 9:27... With a VERY small professional core being over-run by huge numbers of mThondo WeSizwe (the PHALLUS of the Nation) veterans, I am surprised it took this long. Out of the 10 or so PF's I knew all but one was out after 2 years of the infestation occuring.

One thing that does get my goat is that these useless kiddie-killers and rapists are given EVERYTHING on a plate, but the real black soldiers of 32BN and others are thrown on the trash heap.


Doberman said...

Anon 5:48 said "but the real black soldiers of 32BN and others are thrown on the trash heap." Indeed. Those were real soldiers, fighting the good fight. What we have now are terrs playing soldier and it shows.

Zarky said...

This has been on my mind for sometime now and I would like to ask the question to anyone out there in cyberspace in South African space:

"When the shit hits the fan in this country and we try and defend ourselves with whatever means, would a white policeman or taakmag member shoot a white man that is defending himself, would a white soldier take orders to shoot another white man?"

Look if you are a criminal or doing criminal deeds, that is another story, but think about it in the broader spectrum, would a white fighter pilot take orders to bomb or attack whites? - a real shitty question or two....

Anonymous said...

Zarky the answer is yes. They will send someone like Black Coffee to come and blow up your family. His mindset will be that you are a racist pig wanting to control and exploit the poor blacks.

Doberman said...

Anon 3:04 is right Zarky. The cops arresting the fellows at the other blogs recently were white. I always say, the danger will not come from blacks, it will come from whites. Not every white is your ally and not every black is your enemy. The trick is anticipating who will fight on your side. It isn't black and white (pardon the pun).