Friday, November 27, 2009

Anglican Priest Murdered In Grahamstown

What does it say about a society that murders its religious leaders and its academics? I guess the response from the left will be, ah but these aren't African elected leaders. They were imposed upon us by the oppressors.

Regardless of your opinion, this is another futile murder, of an individual that devoted his life to others. He surely wasn't murdered for his perceived wealth?

The community in and around The College of the Transfiguration is struggling to comprehend the mysterious circumstances surrounding the murder of an Anglican priest who lectured at the college.

Police spokesperson Inspector Sherolene Williams said the police are investigating a case of murder and theft of a motor car after Clive Newman (45) was found dead in his room at the college on the morning of Monday 9 November. His car, a metal dark blue Hyundai (DMC 932EC), was also stolen.

Williams' body was covered with a duvet when it was discovered in his bed. "On further investigation it was found that the deceased's head appeared to have been severely injured due to some form of force applied to it," explained Williams. "There were no signs of forced entry as the door was locked and the burglar gate was ajar."

She added that William Domires, the College of the Transfiguration's rector used a master key to enter Newman's room where he found the decomposing body. No arrests have been made and the police are investigating.

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Anonymous said...

"What does it say about a society that murders its religious leaders and its academics? "

That the society is largely godless and barbaric.