Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And the dumbass award goes to.. the ANC (again)

I exist to please. Here then to begin your fine day is news that a municipal district that covers the POOREST area in the Eastern Cape (the Umtata region) that cannot afford to provide basic services paid a bizarre R55 million to buy just five farms worth about R25 million. Whiff of stink anyone? This event occurred over a year ago and was brought to the ANC's attention by the DA. The matter was simply brushed aside but it's back, thanks to those terriers in the DA.

[They really do need your help folks.
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The chances of the ANC investigating this deal is as likely as it developing a second brain cell in the near future. Meanwhile, the 20% rates increase will kick
in and kick you in the nuts. Just know where your hard-earned money is being pissed away, that's all.

It is symptomatic of the ongoing mismanagement of the political leaders in the ANC. This is not freedom and democracy. It must stop.

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The DA calls for an urgent and thorough investigation by the MEC for Local government and Traditional Affairs, Sicelo Gqobana, into the R55 million purchasing scandal for five farms by the OR Tambo District Municipality - not only at an inflated price, but outside the Eastern Cape (see report).

The DA raised questions about the transaction more than a year ago, but was fobbed off by the ANC. The question is why did the ANC not fully investigate the matter then.

Provincial DA leader Athol Trollip had asked the MEC for Agriculture whether he had been informed that the purchase price far exceeded the market value of the five farms in question. It was also questioned why the two State institutions, namely the Department of Land Affairs in Kwazulu-Natal and the OR Tambo District Municipality was allowed to bid against each other, and why the municipality was bidding for land outside the municipal and provincial boundaries.

It has now emerged that over and above the purchase price of R25 million, a further R20 million was paid for equipment and livestock and R10,5 million was forked out to keep the farms going. This totals a staggering R55,5 million. The allocation from the Provincial Department of Local Government to OR Tambo for 2009/10 was a mere R5,8 million.

How could the OR Tambo District Municipality make this exorbitant purchase while the poorest of the poor continue to suffer.

It is symptomatic of the ongoing mismanagement of the political leaders in the ANC. This is not freedom and democracy. It must stop. This is undermining opportunity for the residents of that extremely poor municipality.

Statement issued by Bobby Stevenson, MPL, Democratic Alliance leader in the Eastern Cape legislature

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Dachshund said...

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He dusts it off and a genie appears, offering him 3 wishes.

"E wanna de Maciedies" - Poof a big, black Merc appears.
"E wanna de beeg hows" - Poof a mansion appears.
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"How Wa!!! Wezma Maciediesene ma hows!!??"

To which the genie replies - "You're a white man now, you must work for it!"

And I'm hurling my guts out thanks to ecoli in the water in Ladysmith KZN. Nobody worked out that when there are heavy rainfalls you need to add more chlorine to the water.