Monday, November 30, 2009

ANC top brass steal from you, steal from each other

It all makes sense. They clean themselves out - R50 mil is not small change - then when they find themselves broke, they pull scams to fund the party, Oilgate being a good example, Chinese donations being another, Libyan contributions and so on. 'Tis the house of crooks. Ditto the ANCYL and its recent report on financial chicanery and the high life of its woodworking leader. After everyone has cleaned out the petty cash box they then reach in deep into your taxpayer pocket for a top up. It is the African way! Best to keep them pockets empty I say.

R1m ‘gift’ seals yet another deal for Shabalala - The wife of KwaZulu-Natal's embattled former treasury boss Sipho Shabalala is the business partner of a controversial businessman, who was allegedly awarded a R44.5-million government tender in exchange for a R1-million donation to the ANC.

ANC brass named in probe of missing R50 million. MPs told there's no money for phone bills after alleged abuse of funding by party.

The ANC is sitting on an explosive report that implicates some of its top leaders - including the party's former chief whip, Nyami Booi - in the alleged misappropriation of R50-million from party coffers.

Parliamentarians told the Sunday Times that some of the funds were earmarked for the 2009 election campaign - but diverted to buy up-market houses in Cape Town.

The closely guarded forensic report was commissioned by the ANC's treasurer-general, Mathews Phosa, after the party's caucus in parliament failed to account to the legislature on how it had used funds allocated to it.

The money allocated to the ANC caucus was part of the funding to which all political parties represented in parliament are entitled. As the ruling party, the ANC gets the biggest chunk of this funding.

ANC insiders said the report had been submitted to Phosa, chief whip Mathole Motshekga, secretary-general Gwede Mantashe and deputy president Kgalema Motlanthe.

Motshekga denied he had a copy of the report. He also denied knowing who was implicated in it.

He said the issues that were investigated in it concerned the ANC caucus in the parliament that sat from 2004 to 2009, and those who presided during that period should account for what they did.

"As far as we are concerned all those things were done in the third democratic parliament.

"In the fourth democratic parliament we are working to ensure that there is no wastage," he said.

Nathi Mthethwa, now minister of police , was chief whip of the ANC in 2008, shortly after the ANC's Polokwane conference. Booi took over from Mthethwa following former president Thabo Mbeki's recall in September last year. Motshekga succeeded Booi after this year's general elections.

The report is believed to implicate Booi in the alleged misappropriation of funds. Booi could not be reached for comment yesterday. He was said to be in China on ANC business.

An ANC MP who wished to remain anonymous told the Sunday Times that the confidential report was in the hands of a "few people", but its existence and findings were well known.

The MP said Motshekga had once promised the ANC caucus that the report would be discussed in its meetings. However, it has yet to be tabled.

Another MP said there were people who had been wrongly accused in the report and the ANC was looking at how it would deal with it.

The report alleges that ANC leaders bought houses in up-market Cape Town suburbs and used some of the funds for parties and expensive hotel stays.

An ANC parliamentary official, who also wanted to remain anonymous, said the report was being handled by the party's parliamentary political committee and Phosa.

Phosa declined to comment yesterday.

One veteran ANC MP told the Sunday Times that MPs had been told there was no money for basics like paying constituency office telephone bills.

The MP said party facilities in parliament had been cut back because "the money we got to run ANC affairs in parliament has disappeared".

Over the past three weeks the ANC has reassessed its parliamentary support staff in a bid to trim numbers by half.

Motshekga said the restructuring would release money currently spent on salaries to fund the party's constituency work. - Times Live

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AMB said...

The rot starts at home...

Anonymous said...

This scum cannot be trusted. They would steal from their own grandmother after raping her.

Anonymous said...

The problem the ANC has is that the vast majority of them are corrupt or will be corrupt as soon as there is opportunity. They simply have a total lack of leaders that are :
If there would be a leader amongst them with this qualities he would be sidelined superquick in order not to disturb their looting game.
It's also doubtful that such a leader would like to be seen in such company.