Monday, November 16, 2009

85-year old German woman beaten up by black savages at old-age home

The headline of the original article in The Times reads, "Robbed at old-age home" here.

Notice the construction of the report, which puts the emphasis on robbery as the primary motive behind the crime.

I have no doubt that a cleaner told the security guards about the jewellery in the old lady's cottage. Whether the security guards let the black thugs in under duress or not, there was at least an element of willing complicity between the black staff at this old age home.

This unsavoury incident will have set up an alarm among the Germany community as to the viability of letting your parents live in old age homes or retirement villages in South Africa because of violent black on white, racist crime.

It's not a solution to parcel and pack elderly Germans off back to a Germany they have forgotten and can't relate to. Adult whites will have to take their aged parents out of these soft target environments and keep them fortressed at their homes.

Larger properties are coming back into fashion again as extended families become essential for survival. This will have the benefit of people becoming less selfish and materialistic, I suppose. Whites will fight less among each other if they have to learn to cooperate. In Afrikaans we could call this, "die gedwonge integrasie van blankes met mekaar".


An 85-year-old woman spent the weekend in hospital after being robbed in her cottage at an old-age home in Johannesburg.

Cecelia Siehoff is thought to have been beaten up (only thought to have been beaten up? bullshit) by two men who are believed to have entered the German Old Age Home, in Richmont, central Johannesburg, on Thursday afternoon.

The men stole Siehoff's jewellery and other valuables, and are said to have been let in by security guards at the home's gate.

Siehoff's self-contained cottage is equipped with an alarm and a panic button.

Police spokesman Inspector Jerbes de Bruyn said the robbery was reported on Thursday night.

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Anonymous said...

It is indeed no country for old people. It shows the hatred these savages have towards whites that they will beat the defenceless just because they can and want to.

Anonymous said...

C'mon msm, probe and demand answers from the regime and authorities! Why is this shit happening? What is crime not being tackled? Why are heads not rolling? You went hard against the apartheid regime but why the free pass with the ANC?!! Is it because they are black therefore don't know any better and/or you expect less from them?

Frikkie said...

It’s going to take more than spit and polish and Joomla - it’s fuckin content man. And your content sucks.

A coon dog could do better huntin alligator in the pan handle.