Thursday, October 01, 2009

Zuma: Our crime is abnormal

Ding dong, the bell has finally tolled loudly in the town square! It's been obvious and "abnormal" for 15 years Mr Zuma - but I'll give you credit for being the first highest ranking ANC member to state it categorically. I suppose it helps to be on the other side of the fence once in a while to understand how the little people are living. The word is out, clearly, around the world. Now we need action. That should take another 15 years - to start. Now, if only I could find those detractors who say our claims that SA crime is extreme is only perception.


Just over a week ago, in response to a question from The Telegraph (India) in Zurich, Fifa president Joseph Blatter had said there was “no reason” to worry over security in South Africa during the 2010 World Cup.

“Let’s trust the South Africans. I really don’t know why I keep getting asked about security,” he’d added.

Even if Blatter isn’t worried, South Africa’s President, Jacob Zuma, is. Of course, in a general context and not specific to next year’s World Cup.

So much so that Zuma has favoured the use of “lethal force,” as media reports have put it, against “violent criminals”. Accordingly, the Criminal Procedure Act will soon be amended.

Known to talk straight, Zuma (who became President some months ago) made his views public while addressing around 1,000 police station commissioners, from across South Africa, on Tuesday.

The following are excerpts from his speech:

“Crime in South Africa is not the normal crime, ours is said to be violent... We are dealing with a different crime, it’s abnormal. It, therefore, needs extraordinary measures...

“Are criminals having that rule (referring to the police having to first fire a warning shot when faced with armed criminals)? Have criminals ever taken a gun out, when faced with the police, and fired a warning shot?

“We need to understand this very tricky situation. Once criminals take out guns, they shoot, that’s a reality. And, once a police (officer) is trying to warn, fire a warning shot, he’s dead. That’s also a reality...

“We are dealing with citizens who are insecure... We can do everything, we can even have a performing economy, but if people don’t have the time to enjoy, as they are afraid of being killed, then it’s not profitable. Safety of the people is very important.”

Clearly, Blatter needs to review the security arrangements in much greater detail.

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Treacle Bender said...

so chief boon says: “Crime in South Africa is not the normal crime, ours is said to be violent..."..

While he is in this confession mode, he also needs to admit that;

- the criminal and crime is funded and controlled by the anc, which in turn funds the anc..

- the anc have not renounced violence and have not stopped their criminal activities since the 1980’s

- criminals not only carry weapons, but do also consist of guvmunt ministers and officials who, day in and day out, steal from the taxpayer and are all part of a corrupt unwritten self-enriching system...

- all the promises made to the masses by these anc leaders are all lies..

- the anc are condoning the genocide of the whites in this country..

- the anc are unable to rule and incapable to run a country

Yeah, then pigs will fly!

Scorpion said...

"...if only I could find those detractors who say our claims that SA crime is extreme is only perception..."

It was none other than the chief racist in SA - Mbeki - who publicly announced that crime is the white man's perception.
I am not sure how many remember, but this comment was made only months (weeks?) before Lucky Dube was gunned down in front of his kids in a failed highjacking.

But the Dube family needn't worry, or even feel sad. Crime is after all only the white man's perception. Daddy gone? Nevermind child, it is only a perception.

Vanilla Ice said...

I hate reading Zuma's speeches. They are about as comprehensive as my 5 year old's journal entries. Why doesn't he just use pictures.

Exzanian said...

Clearly Blatter has his lilly white head stuck up his anus