Thursday, October 01, 2009

The world has gone mad: The US celebrates China's Communism

It's come to this. I guess we know who pulls the purse strings in the US these days. The US is so indebted financially to China, if it wanted to, China could get the US to play the communist anthem on a ukelele using chop sticks. From the great folks over at The Right Perspective. This is sickening. I guess it's spend, you bend.

Empire State Building Goes Red For China

China’s conquest of America took another step forward as the Empire State Building was colored red and yellow to honor 60 years of communist occupation of the Asian nation.

The lighting ceremony was marked by a protest of 20 Tibetans, whose country was overrun shortly after Communist Chinese takeover in 1949.

Republicans and Democrats united in denouncing the color change. Republican Congressman Peter King called it “a sad day for New York” and Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner denounced China as “an oppressive regime” with a “shameful history on human rights.”

The Empire State Building’s color change was preceded by a ceremony in Washington, DC last week, where the Communist Chinese flag was raised over the White House:

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Serves this super sized, dull Yanks right. Commie flags above their heads, a administration riddled with dual citizenship guys whose loyalities belong elsewhere and the Fema camps ready to receive the first lot of sheep that bahhh too loud and ask inconvinient questions. Afganistan is becoming a nightmare and Iraqe is already a monument to political lies and double dealings of the guys who run the USA sheeple. Soon the U$ fiat money will show its true worth too. I will always remember the role this arrogant nation played in Rhodesia and South Africa.

Anonymous said...

yep, a giant step closer to NWO..

Fuck you liberals!

Grumbleguts said...

Try raising the USA flag in China to celebrate Independence Day.

Real estate Toronto said...

Everybody seems to be afraid of the "Chinese dragon". I'm from Canada personally, but I have many American friends and from them I know that many US citizens can't stand this hypocrisy of their own government. I am all for building good relationships with China, but this is way too much. We should try to push them to adapt to our, democratic way of life, not vice versa. Julie

Anonymous said...

If I had to choose; break China's back or black Africa's. I would have to choose breaking Africa. China will come around ... eventually. They are an intelligent people. Africa is hopeless and a threat to civilisation.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie. I am not sure I agree with the view that democracy is the panacea. Democracy is based on the average man. This doesn't say much for countries with a low average IQ. Canada has a high average IQ and enjoys the benefits of a powerful neigbour. Other than the war of 1812 (which technically the British fought on behalf of Canada), Canada hasn't really had to get its hands dirty. So its system of democracy has hardly been tested. Benevolent dictatorships are the ideal, and you don't get any of those. Yes, the USA has probably gone too far, given the collective atrocities committed in the name of communism. It is an insult to the millions who have suffered and died. It is also a huge double standard. I am no Chinese expert, but China seems to be making progress. It believes in economic freedom for its people, before political freedom. Something Africa should have pursued.

Anonymous said...

America has to make debt and spend so that producers like China can become big and strong.

Pity that the majority of Americans are such dullards, that are nly interested in pizza and TV.

Pensioner said...

Hey the Chinese probably own the Empire State Building and most of the New York skyline anyway, they own just about everthing else in the US. The Americans must be getting more pissed off with their useless government and smiling obummer every minute:(

Anonymous said...

That makes you an average man VI