Monday, October 19, 2009

Why Sweden is F*cked

Here's a face to remember; Mona Sahlin, leader of Sweden's Social Democrats. Part of an interview with her is reproduced at Gates of Vienna, and I've posted it here because it illustrates the kind of loopy thinking that has turned Sweden into a multicultural, er, paradise.

She wants to let in air and freedom into the people’s home.

Seldom has a Social Democrat leader been so challenged as Mona Sahlin. In twelve days she will lead the party congress that will pave the way for a red-green [a social democrat, green, and former communist conglomeration of parties] victory in 2010. Where is the vision?

I want to paint the people’s home in the colors of the rainbow,” she says in an interview with Sydsvenskan. [see how that worked out for South Africa]

The first thing I ask Mona Sahlin, when we settle down in her shocking pink sofa is her feelings for the expression people’s home [folkhem, a.k.a. welfare state].

I love that expression,” she says.

It expresses that if a family feels uncomfortable it affects the whole family. We need each other. There are no darlings or stepchildren,” explains Mona Sahlin. [but there are barbaric, raping cousins]

In an interview in Sydsvenskan last summer the editorial writer Katrine Kielos of Aftonbladet accused the Social Democrat party leadership of being stuck in the people’s home nostalgia and of talking to people as if they were stupid.

My vision of the people’s home is certainly not nostalgia, but the desire to change things,” says Mona Sahlin.

The whole idea of the deliberation we carried out in the party was saying ‘come on, we must look ahead’. Because the people’s home is in need of modernization.

Normative Multiplicity“I want to repaint the house and rearrange the garden to get more freedom and air. Knock out partition walls. The old people’s home has become rather stuffy.” [That's what Hitler said when he planned to extend his livingroom]

In Mona Sahlin’s rainbow-colored people’s home there will be neither room for homophobia nor xenophobia.

But her vision also involves a reconsideration of the Social Democrat policy in key areas.

The people’s home is no longer a concept that the Social Democrats have a monopoly on.

The Sweden Democrats’ siren-call of a blond and blue-eyed welfare state, Mona Sahlin dismisses as “a cheap trick of a xenophobic party.”

But even the Conservatives [Moderaterna] say that they now want to become a state-bearing party in which everyone will feel at home.

The Social Democracy is strongest when we can show that the welfare system means something for everybody. Not only to those who just currently have lost their jobs, or are sick or on parental leave. But actually for everybody. People see the effects that policy has on others. And how are the opportunities for their own kids to get a job? Or their old mum or dad to get decent health care.”

And she herself states that she was both impressed and inspired by Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, where the Democrats using Twitter and emails influenced millions of Americans to engage in the work.

That we intend to swedenize,” says Mona Sahlin. [Gotta love the Newspeak..]

The mandate of the campaigners will not only be to package the socialist message, but also to convey the image of a credible red-green government alternative.

Mona Sahlin now diplomatically says that there are “three parties of equal merits to form a government together.” [even political parties are "equal" now]

I is very easy for me to talk, laugh and solve political problems together with both Lars Maria and Peter, says Mona Sahlin.

[Lars Ohly, the Left Party, former Communists; Maria Wetterstrand and Peter Eriksson, both spokespersons for the Environmental Party the Greens]

Here's another snapshop of Mona - and no, I didn't Photoshop this..

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Anonymous said...

F*cked indeed. Where do these cretins come from? Is there a factory turning out these liberal pussies somewhere I don't know about? F*ck it!

AMB said...

Yes, and the fairies and ogres also live in Lala-Swedenize. They should also get welfare....There is none so stupid as a white liberal with their head in the clouds with the rainbows.

al said...

Sweden has become "Sewerdom".