Wednesday, October 21, 2009

White South African farmers to leave for Congo

Go where you are appreciated. This is a 30-year deal which in effect is a permanent move. One does not spend thirty years building up a life just to drop it when a lease expires. The Congo farms will flourish and provided the political situation is stable, food and jobs aplenty, and racial issues do not surface, the Congolese will let the farmers stay on. Our loss is their gain. Just like the other one million South Africans with skills that have left. The longer they stay away, the less the likelihood of returning. The ANC continues in self-destruct mode. Yes, better to have one over whitey even if it means starving the population and ruining the economy. Cut off the nose to spite the face. The Congolese like many African countries have learnt that whitey can get things done and no farmer is better than white South African farmers born and bred of the African soil. Black South Africans still need to learn the lesson that awaits them. Too bad it can't be undone when that day comes.


More white farmers set to leave for Africa: Congo, Uganda, Zambia, Sudan, Angola, Libya

South Africa has signed a deal with the Republic of Congo that will give South African farmers access to up to 10 million hectares of farmland, the country's biggest farmers' union said on Tuesday.

The deal, potentially one of the largest land agreements on the continent and part of Congo's plan to improve food security, will allow South African farmers to lease land for maize, soy beans, poultry and dairy cattle among other produce.

"It's 10 million hectares of under-utilised land that have been made available to us," Theo deJager, deputy president of union Agri SA, told Reuters. "We have signed the agreement and it's initially for a 30-year renewable lease."

South Africa has one of the most developed agriculture sectors on the continent and its farmers are looking to expand into other countries.
["looking to expand"? nice twist on the facts there...]

They are joined in the scramble for land abroad by countries including China, South Korea and European and Middle East nations after steep food price inflation last year highlighted the need to achieve greater food security.

De Jager said the South African deal included tax exemptions on importing agricultural inputs and equipment and full expatriation of profits.

Some 200 000 hectares of state farms would be immediately available for South African farmers, De Jager said, but added: "It's not limited to those farms...There's no limit on the land you can get (up to 10 million ha)'s whatever you need in terms of your business plan."

De Jager said about 1 700 South African farmers had enquired about farming in the Congo. "I don't think all of them will eventually go out there, but there has been huge interest in this," he said. - Reuters

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Grumbleguts said...

D,do you know if the SA government has signed the land deal, or the SA Agricultural Union?
It seems odd the me that the ANC would get involved in signing a deal on behalf of White farmers, unless it's Black farmers that are going, which I doubt.

Anonymous said...

@ GG, it doesn't say. Last I heard it was AgriSA trade union that handling it and the minister was merely being informed. The government has no say in this. The farmers can go wherever they want. The ANC is just paying nicey lip service so the farmers leave with no hard feelings hoping they change their minds and return.

I suppose AgriSA probably just wanted some assurances that their members would be protected. Best to negotiate a deal as a collective rather than individual farmers although again, nothing stops any farmer from calling up the Congo office and offering his services.

Grumbleguts said...

Yip, I agree. I just find it odd that the media have pushed the participation of the ANC to the degree that they have. The way the media portray the deal, it seems as if the ANC first have to give the go-ahead, and then this will commence.
Once these farmers are gone, they are history. To build up an agricultural farm takes years, and often a lifetime, with the descendents really reaping the benefits.
It's a HUGE big step for the farmers, though. They are really going into a war zone.

Anonymous said...

Then .... 20 years from now when it all works - fuck off you settlers!

Round and round we go!


Poor sods. They will be shafted in time once the farms are productive.
Insanity to start new again in Africa. But , if you don't learn from history ...

Anonymous said...

There seems to be some kind of co-dependency between Boers and sub-Saharan blacks. The one cannot live without the other. Boers have been raped and plundered, going all the way back to the frontiers wars. Yet, they still want to farm in other parts of Africa. It is correct what Anon says; will they not learn from history? I use the term Boer specifically, given that not all Afrikaners are Boers, and I suspect that farmers are predominantly Boers, who have suffered disproportionately through the ages.

Viking said...

A lot of the farmers are English-speaking too, VI.
Personally I'm not sure what to make of this. Congo has only a population of 3.6 million, but is not particularly stable. Slavery (of Pygmies) is also still openly practiced there!
Time will tell if the farmers would be allowed to prosper, but will they take the chance?

Anonymous said...

No doubt there are English farmers, as there are probably Chinese one's too. I suspect they are in a minority though, given that it wasn't their historical calling. Nor was it for Cape Afrikaners.