Monday, October 19, 2009

White On Black Violence: Let's Reveal The Truth

So, there I am minding my own business, reading the news, when I come across a comment, "For those that are so incensed by the blog, perhaps you can start your own, and relate the crimes that white people commit on black citizens."

Seemed like a good piece of advice to me. We seem to take a lot of heat; why don't our critics simply highlight how murderous and rapacious the whites are? In fact, exactly this advice was given to BC. Anyway I digress.

The commenter suggested a good place to start, and provided a link of such a crime.

I seriously encourage you to follow the link, and read the story; it is horrific.

Hat Tip: Grumbleguts

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FishEagle said...

Some text from the linked article that stood out for me:

"She decided not to go to the police, gripped by the fear that he would kill her if she put one foot wrong.......I kept thinking that as long as I played along and didn’t make him angry, he’d get fed up..."

That behaviour is typical of rape victims (probably all victims of abuse.)

It reminds me of the articel I posted about Obama's 'dignitarian' leadership style at:

"Globally, Obama's politics of dignity makes Americans safer, in contrast to policies that, by humiliating others, leave us vulnerable to retaliation. Indignities inflicted on others make them indignant and so predispose them to side with our enemies, if not turn against us themselves. President Obama understands that part of a strong defense is not giving offense in the first place. He realizes that in an interdependent world, muscular exceptionalism is a losing strategy."

I still think the First World's trauma relates back to WW1 and WW2.

If you've read the linked article (this post), you're told what happened next to the poor woman.

Grumbleguts said...

Very sad story. She has to wear a plastic mask for the rest of her life, while the black savage that caused her trauma will be out in a few years.
While she has had to gather avery bit of courage that she has to face the world, he lives in a UK prison that comes complete with a 1st class gym, Sky TV, free education facilities, etc.

Something's wrong!!

Anonymous said...

"Something's wrong!!"

Indeed GG's, something is VERY wrong in the US/UK!
The English especially have this attitude that prisoners are only in prison because they were denied oppotunities and must therefore be given free education in prison, which law-abiding citizens had to pay for (and now pay for again)!
I remember having this debate in a UK School Staffroom and when I suggested we should try the French system, whereby prisoners do labour for their term, I was told that my suggestion bordered on the barbaric, just like the French!

Man the English are one messed up nation!

Anonymous said...

This story was just shown on the intro's to the lunch-time news stories on Skynews, BUT the new is now over and they didn't show the story again... why was it pulled between its "trailer" and the story itself?

Hmmm, I wonder.

Anonymous said...

This piece of scum was the typically nasty side effect of socialism: his mother was obviously a brood sow who got herself knocked up for the social grant. Not a nice thing to know about your mother, that you're a bastard she only had for booze money.

Instead of giving social grants to the poor, it would be better to give them things like baby powder and nappies, toddlers clothes, schoolclothes and books etc. But never money. You shouldn't incentivise indigents and sociopaths to breed criminals.

Viking said...

and only 16 years?
Even the victim said the animal "was sick". Not sick, just evil.

Viking said...

have a look at this comment that was left on the Daily Mail page under this story:
Whilst a terrible thing to do, we must remember that Daniel Lynch came from a troubled background, and Society let him down by not offering him the counselling and support that he so desperately needed. I hope that he will find the help of professionals whilst he is incarcerated, so that when he is released back into the community, he will be able to fit in nicely having dealt with his inner demons.

- Sarah Street, Aylesbury, Bucks, 18/10/2009 9:10

It's hard to know whether or not this is a serious comment but I suspect it is, in which case G-d help England...

Anonymous said...

The bit which says all to me "vengeful boyfriend"

As the Afrikaans saying says "Meng met die semels dan vreet die varke you"

I'm sorry, she decided she prefer dark chocolate over milky bar, so no sympathy here, a waste of a good white skin...

Anonymous said...

I've heard plenty Pom and Aussie girls say: "once you go black, you never go back!"

This story gives that phrase a whole new meaning!

Viking said...

Anon -lol

I think that could be amended to,

'once you go black, we don't want you back' ....

FishEagle said...

@Viking, LOL!!!!