Monday, October 19, 2009

Not a Hate Crime??

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It doesn't get much more disturbing than reading about the brutal double rape and murder in Knoxville, Tennessee, of Chistopher Newsom (23) and his girlfriend Channon Christian (21) in 2007.

The couple were carjacked by four men, taken to a house rented by one of the four, and subjected to cruelty and sadism beyond words or description. The attack was overtly sexual, with both victims being repeatedly molested and savaged, even though their vehicle and possessions were already in the hands of the thieves.

South Africans, however, will hardly flinch at crimes like this, commonplace as they are in the most violent society on earth.

The photo shows Letalvis Cobbins, convicted of the murders in August this year. He and his brother were the main perpetrators, with two others awaiting trial. Fortunately, Tennessee has the death penalty, currently administered by lethal injection.

What stands out from this article is the final paragraph:
"Investigators said the attack wasn't a hate crime, just a carjacking that went terribly wrong"

How many times have we heard this? What was the motive if not HATE?

The only carjacking that goes right is the one that doesn't happen.

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Anonymous said...

"Investigators said the attack wasn't a hate crime, just a carjacking that went terribly wrong"

No surprise here, I've known for decades now that those who run the Western World (and own the media) not only feel nothing for whites, but actually will this sort of thing!

Islandshark said...

Whites can't be victims of hate crimes - lesson one of the Marxist handbook from the Frankfurt School - make the perpetrator the victim of the crime.

Anonymous said...

For the brutal details of this HATE crime visit a previous post on ILSA here.

Anonymous said...

May they rot in hell.