Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We Don't Want To Tarnish South Africa's Image, BUT ...

The gong show we call South Africa, has an appalling image, both domestically and abroad. It is only the ANC that thinks the world views them highly. Why else would they get so twisted up about the Huntley refugee claim? They still think there is good will, that there is deep admiration for all their wonderful successes ... NOT.

So it comes as no surprise that South Africa, once again, is near the bottom of yet another survey. Yawn ... next.

SA Has Bad Image Overseas

South Africa scored 44 percent in an international study rating the reputation of countries among foreigners, Sake24 reported on Wednesday.

The study by the Reputation Institution found that the rest of the world perceived South Africa to have a "poor and vulnerable" reputation.

The only countries out of 34 nations that fared worse than South Africa - which was ranked 30 - were South Korea, China, Russia and the Ukraine.

The best ranked nations were Switzerland and Canada.

South Africans did not rate their own country high either. "A good reputation builds political diplomacy and lures tourists and international investment," said Heather Robinson, manager of the Reputation Institute in South Africa.

South Africans did not rate their own country high either, with the country ranked by its own citizens 33rd out of 34 places.
The only citizens who thought worse of their own country than South Africans were the Japanese.

Australians and Canadians ranked their own countries to be the best.

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Viking said...
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Doberman said...

"South Africans ranked its own country 33rd out of 34 places". Says it all. To our disparagers, still think we're the only ones overly gloomy about SA?

Anonymous said...

I'm a little surprised that we even managed to beat out the veritable beacons of democracy and human rights such as China...

Siriaaasly buggers, we are s-o-o-o-o fucked.