Sunday, October 18, 2009

The war on the BNP

The BNP must be rattling the foundations of the establishment in the UK because I've seldom seen such concerted acerbic reaction from all quarters against a minor party. The msm and the major parties have ganged up on a two-seat European Parliament party.

What does that say?

Do they sense a shift in momentum towards the BNP because the establishment knows indigenous Brit Joe Public is frustrated at being shunted aside while his country is literally being swamped with immigrants who are accorded more freedom and rights than them?

It is natural that people will want to reclaim their country and the BNP is the vanguard of a growing grassroots movement bound to upturn the establishment applecart.

I showed you the mainstream media's (old media) disregard for the desecration of Christian graves by Muslims and here's another example of blatant disinformation from the msm involving yet another South African. I guess in their politically correct utopia all us white South Africans must be ardent right-wing racists to want to belong to a group that espouses the preservation of the indigenous white British population who happen to be white! Strangely this is not a sentiment extended to non-white groups who are happily encouraged to congregate around racial criteria. I spoke about "rights", why do immigrants have the "right" to gather racially but not the indigenous white British people?

Again, I ask you, who are the real racists?

Black Police Association
Black Londoners Forum
Black Information Link
Operation Black Vote
Muslim Council of Britain
Black Heritage Organisation
The Voice - newspaper
Board Of Deputies of British Jews
Jewish Telegraph
The Black Police association
Black people's mental health association
Black and Asian therapists online
National BME mental health network
Federation of Black housing organizations
The Black Londoners forum
Positive action in Housing,Asian modelling service
Society of Black lawyers
Society of Asian lawyers
Ethnic media Group
Al-Nisa Muslim Women's Group
Al-Nur Muslim Women's Association
Antrim Chinese Community Association
Barnardos Chinese Lay Health Project
Chinese Welfare Association
Sussex Black police Association
The National Black Writers and Artist Association
Black students Association
UK Black teachers Association
Black UK online
UK Asian business directory
Asian People's Disability alliance
Asian arts agency
Black Enterprise awards
Natwest Bank (Asian Entrepreneurs Unit)
Asian Voice
Black training and enterprise group
UK Black Pride
Ethnic Minority Foundation
Oshwal Elderly Welfare Association
Ethnic Minority and Black Regional Action for Community Empowerment (EMBRACE)
Black and Minority Ethnic Elders Group
Latin American elderly project
The Black Fundraisers Network
Black Arts Alliance
Southall Black Sisters Black student union
Dudley Black regeneration council
Black Professional Events
Black Health Agency
National Association for the advancement of Black people
African Caribbean Development agency (ACDA)
African caribbean education and training services (ACETS)
Afrik-African International Network
Asian mens group
Somerset Black development agency (SBDA)
Black families education support group

Too bad for the establishment that the 'racist' epithet has become semantically empty, the refuge of scoundrels and morons (Dan Roodt). And too bad also they no longer solely control the dissemination of information, we the citizen media have arrived in time to put matters right.

BNP Wins Two Seats
BNP Councillor Demands Apology

The lying media continues to rehash all manner of lies about the BNP without ever bothering to find out if any of it is true. The latest example has come once again in an article in The Independent newspaper, scribbled by well-known leftist crank, Johann Hari.

Apart from the usual whining about the BNP, Mr Hari repeats the hoary old lie that “one of the leading figures in the BNP’s online operation, Lambertus Nieuwhof, tried to blow up a mixed-race school in South Africa in 1992.”

In fact, Mr Nieuwhof has never had anything to do with the BNP’s website, and, more importantly, has obtained a police clearance certificate from the South African Police proving that he has no criminal record.

Mr Nieuwhof used to have a web hosting company which three years ago hosted a London pro-BNP blog, but he sold that company two years ago and has not been involved in the BNP either as a member or activist of any sort since then.

Even more disturbingly, despite the police clearance certificate having been publicised since then, the leftist extremists still quite falsely claim that he “blew up a multiracial school.” It is understood that Mr Nieuwhof is currently planning legal action against all those media hacks who repeated the leftist lies and inventions about himself.

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FV De Wet said...

I guess that all these racial groups are the ones in need all the time, and I mean, ALL THE FUKIN TIME!!!

Please show me one white group that has been so "needy" for the last decade. I say, let them keep their all black, asian, muslim, jewish etc groups / orgs cause at the end of the day, that is all they have when they try to justify their abilities or capabilities when they can only form such groups when they actually don't mean anything and help no one.

When they form these groups it's easy to see who the real welfare and incapable ones are in our societies.!!