Sunday, October 25, 2009

US paper takes WC2010 'cultural' bloodletting to task

We're not animal activists but we do abhor animal cruelty in the guise of "cultural" traditions. We're in the 21st century for Pete Sake's, sacrificing any living thing on behalf of deities and/or ancestors ought to have been dispensed with by all humanity by now.

PETA for instance, in the US goes ape shit whenever a living creature is hurt, ludicrously so, when it chastised Obama when he swatted a fly on TV! It's strange how quiet these loony groups are when it comes to 3rd world sacrificial practices but I digress. We posted recently on the request by traditional leaders to slaughter animals during WC2010. I think this would test the world's tolerance. The world will accept the annoying vuvuzela and even wear bullet proof vests if they must but foreigners are unwilling in this day and age to have animals brutally slaughtered whatever the reason, much less outside stadiums in front of people who find the practice repulsive, barbaric and offensive in the extreme, 'cultural' crap be damned!

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Imagine that it is 1994 again and that the opening game of the World Cup is about to take place at Soldier Field in Chicago.

Or perhaps it's the first game at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, or at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, or at any of the other six venues used during the '94 tournament.

Now, imagine the crowds outside the stadium, the fans in a festive and anticipatory mood, children among them. Now imagine a cow being led on a rope to a designated spot outside the stadium and having its throat cut and its blood drained as part of the pregame ritual.

Unthinkable? You bet. Sickening? Absolutely.

But that's exactly what one group in South Africa is proposing should happen at each of the 10 stadiums being used in next year's World Cup.

"We must have a cultural ceremony of some sort, where we are going to slaughter a beast," said Zolani Mkiva, chairman of a group responsible for coordinating cultural activities at South Africa 2010.

"We sacrifice the cow for this great achievement and we call on our ancestors to bless, to grace, to ensure that all goes well. It's about calling for the divinity to prevail for a fantastic atmosphere. We believe that from the start we've got to do things in accordance with our own traditions."


The World Cup is a global event that just happens to be taking place in South Africa. The country is incredibly scenic and has a marvelous array of wildlife and a diverse range of peoples, each with a rich store of myth and folklore.

In other words, there are plenty of unique and colorful African traditions to be celebrated without resorting to animal sacrifice. - Los Angeles Times

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Anonymous said...

The so-called powers that be did not consider these cultural sacrifices necessary for the 1995 Rugby World Cup or the 2003 Cricket World Cup so why now?

Is it that football is considered as the sport for the majority of the population and that these events are needed to appease them?

I don't think the rest of the civilised world will quite see it that way, especially when it comes to hosting future world class sporting events.

thewordwright said...

I started a petition against the slaughter of these animals. The full story, video footage and a link to the petition are all available on my Blog -

Please encourage others to add their names.

Anonymous said...

PETA are nothing but hypocrites. Another tentacle of the lying New World Order.