Sunday, October 18, 2009

Twisted leftwing democracy in the UK: Elected representatives banned?!

Really, so this is what has become of UK politics? Don't like a party so ban them from attending parliament where their democratically won seats await them? You folks over in the UK have a problem. You may not like everything the BNP stands for but no party has the back of the indigenous white population more than the BNP. I mean, two seats, they are afraid of TWO seats?!

Latest address by Nick Griffin BNP

Has the BNP lost all relevance?
BNP Wins Two Seats

From the

The British people have a long and inspirational history of struggling against tyranny and persecution. Britain is the home of free speech and parliamentary democracy, the home of Magna Carta and peasants' revolts, of civil wars against tyrannical kings, of struggles against foreign dictators, and the creator of a large number of the world's democratic nations.

Freedom, liberty and democracy are part and parcel of the British way of life, of our culture and heritage. For centuries we have led the world in the fight for freedom. It was Britain that stood alone against Napoleon, the Kaiser and Hitler. It was Britain which first instituted parliamentary democracy long before any other nation of the Western world.
We have a history and a global legacy of which we can rightly be proud of. But in recent decades dark storm clouds have been gathering over the British Isles.

Britannia's democratic and libertarian heritage is under threat. The rights and freedoms enjoyed, nurtured, developed and defended by generations of our ancestors are now being extinguished by a handful of despicable crooks and traitors hell bent on enforcing a tyrannical Marxist multiracialist experiment on the unwilling British people.

The march towards tyranny, started by the Conservatives but accelerated rapidly by New Labour, has seen many of our ancient rights usurped, such as the right to trial by jury and no detention without charge. Many of the most important aspects of Magna Carta have been scrapped in recent times.

There exist many laws that prohibit what an individual may say.
Our ancient political institutions are now moribund and practically superseded by an illegal EU dictatorship. 80% of our laws are made by foreigners abroad. Elections are rigged by a controlled leftwing media apparatus. The only parties given credibility by the media system are Lib-Lab-Con who are all identical in policy, effectively denying voters any genuine choice.

The wrath of the corrupt media/political system has also been turned against the only credible alternative to this degenerating mess: the
British National Party.

Our meetings come under attack by Labour sponsored leftwing thugs. Our press conferences are invaded and broken up. Our reputation is dragged through the gutter and we are subjected to an endless conveyor belt of lies, smears, deceptions and fabrications. Our members are banned from certain professions. Anti-British Communist front groups interfere in the democratic process at every election. Despite electoral representation at most levels, we are denied access to the media and channels of public dissemination, except when we are attacked, vilified and demonised.


But, we British NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! Let us refer to the words of the mighty Winston Churchill during our darkest hour in 1940: "We will defend our island, no matter what the cost may be. We will never surrender!"

Just like Queen Boudicca, Alfred the Great, Simon De Montfort, Elizabeth I, Cromwell, Nelson, Wellington and Churchill, we, the British of the modern age, will fight against tyranny and defend our heritage to the bitter end, regardless of the odds, we will
NEVER give up.

Having just fought the 'Equalities Commission' to a standstill, the fight back against persecution starts today!
Operation Freedom is our campaign against the most outrageous acts of persecution in recent times. We need YOU to participate in any way you can to help us spread awareness and to use our cyber muscle to fight back!

Over the next 2 weeks, the
Operation Freedom campaign will be in touch appealing for your help to fight the disgraceful persecution of BNP dissidents. At every time during our history, whether the nobles forcing King John to sign the Magna Carta, or the peasants who marched on London to confront a tyrannical king in the 14th century, or Cromwell's stand against a corrupt and inept monarchy, those heroes of our blood who have fought for freedom and liberty for our people have done so at great risk - you can fight back today for the same cause but at no personal risk.

Ask yourself:
Will you stand by or will you take up the fight for Britain's future? Just recently, crooked diabolical MP's led by the arch-traitor Harriet Harman voted in favour to BAN the recently elected BNP MEPs, Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons, from the House of Parliament!

This effectively means they have banned
1 MILLION British voters and two democratically elected parliamentary representatives from the highest democratic institution in the country! They have banned YOU!

Freedom of speech for some people but not others is no freedom of speech at all! If the BNP can be banned from the mother of all parliaments, then who is next? Trade unions? The media? Other political parties? Is this the thin end of the wedge? Where will it end?

Do you relish the idea of Labour deciding who can, and who can't, enter our Parliament?

It is time to fight back! Enough is enough! We must make a stand now before it is too late!!

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Viking said...

this is f&cked up...

Anonymous said...

I live in the UK (for ten years now) and people here are slowly (very slowly) waking up to the fact that Labour and Consevative Leaders are oe and the same; that they follow the same route to get into parliament; and that they are, essentially, employed by a few very wealthy idividuals who, through "their people"(like Mandleson) run parliament!
I even had some clients, young traders, who thought the Bank of England was a National Reserve Bank... can you imagine that?

Charles Lawley said...

I'm from the UK, the BNP don't have any seats in the British Parliament, they have seats in the European Parliament. The UK has a first-past-the post system - the BNP has never had and probably never will have enough support in a constituency to ever get a seat in Parliament - EU parliamentary elections are decided a different way, country broke up into 8 or 9 regions where everyone votes. The BNP is of no effect on our system here, it never will be. It's policies are archaic and redundant.

Viking said...

There's an argument right there for proportional representation - the Lib Dems have been calling for it for years.
Their policies and their validity is neither here not there - isn't there something wrong when just shy of a million voters cast support for the BNP (or ANY party) and they don't register in parliament?

Anonymous said...

Something you should read ...

Amongst other things, it shows how 700 rapes are turned into 70,000 by people like Harriet Harman in order to pursue their own ambitions.