Saturday, October 17, 2009

Three arrested for Bianca's murder

The quick arrest shows that criminals are known to the communities and a sharper police and judicial system could make a serious dent in criminality if we used common sense. If unemployed shack dweller Sipho suddenly brought home a television set, cellphone and laptop, the community could alert the police to investigate. As it is the community is fearful of the thugs in their midst and the police too afraid to venture in or just don't care. We should have sizeable police stations set up inside every settlement, employ better trained, better paid, more motivated cops and involve community leaders, do shack to shack searches if necessary, make it an unattractive proposition to do crime.

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Intern, Bianca Warburton, 'Didn't Deserve To Die'

Johannesburg -
Three men were arrested in Alexandra on Saturday for allegedly killing an intern social worker in an attempted hijacking, police said.

Inspector Moses Maphakela said the three were arrested at 02:00 on Saturday following
a tip off from community members.

The men are suspected of the murder of 24-year-old Bianca Warburton near the Alexandra clinic on Wednesday.

Warburton had stopped her car at a stop street near the clinic when the group, one of them armed, confronted her.

"They attempted to hijack the vehicle ... and then just shot her in the upper body." She died on the scene.

They ran away without taking anything.

Maphakela said the men, all from KwaZulu-Natal, were arrested in different areas in Alexandra.

A firearm believed to have been used during the murder was found in one of the men's possession.

The suspects would soon appear in court to face charges of murder, attempted hijacking and possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition, said Maphakela. - SAPA

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