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Intern, Bianca Warburton, 'Didn't Deserve To Die'

That's the thing, nobody "deserves" to die (except the scum that kill). They just do. Fifty every day. What was a young WHITE woman doing in Alex, driving alone, working in the clinic? Do these people just not get that crime in South Africa is so very real and serious? Why do people risk putting themselves in potential situations of danger? A well meaning person a la Amy Biehl she may have been but ultimately like others before her, the end was predictable. Leave those savages to fend for themselves. Your life, black or white, is not worth it.


I must interject here as this is a subject close to my heart.

My daughter obtained a BA (Hons) in Psychology. It then became apparent that the likelihood of selection for her Masters would be remote, due mainly to limited positions and of course, the inevitable AA policies. We then discovered to our horror that had she been accepted, she would in all likelihood have had to do her internship in some squatter camp. She would have had ZERO choice as to where she would be placed.

One of her male friends ended up in some Godforsaken place somewhere in Natal. Two of her other female friends, also armed with Honours, chose to drop their studies for this reason. ALL those studying in medical directions are obliged to work in State institutions and invariably these are in Black communities, including squatter camps. And unless you know somebody who knows somebody to pull strings you basically go where they tell you to go.

So, to accuse this poor unfortunate girl of being a liberal is so far removed from reality ... She did not deserve to be placed in a dangerous area and she sure as hell did not deserve to die in such a fashion. That could have been my own daughter. I feel like spewing vitriol against those buffoons who must know how reckless and stupid it is to place these girls there, but what would it achieve?

And, just btw; try finding a job with a BA (Hons) Psych, especialy if you have a white skin. Four years of study = worthless.

With permission from Doodler.

Bianca's name has been added to our list of academics affected by crime. This is what egalatarianism gets you. Those responsible for spewing such an obviously fraudulent concept, should be held complicit in her murder. WITS UNIVERSITY, a few descriptors come to mind; murderous, complicit, duplicit, extortionist.


Johannesburg - A young woman who was just about to complete her Master's degree in psychology "did not deserve" to be shot dead by hijackers, a shocked friend said on Wednesday.

William Adams was speaking after the death of his friend, Bianca Warburton, 26.

Her husband, Clifford, and her parents, brother and sister were still too shattered and heartbroken to talk about her death.

Warburton was on her way from a clinic in Alexandra where she was doing her internship, when she was confronted by two hijackers in First Street at 09:00.

Nothing stolen

According to police spokesperson Lungelo Dlamini, she was shot and wounded in the upper body, but managed to drive a little further, until she lost control of her car in London Avenue.

She presumably died behind the steering wheel shortly thereafter, because she was already dead when the police and paramedics arrived at the scene, said Dlamini.

The two hijackers didn't steal anything before they fled. Witnesses were able to describe the hijackers - who were not disguised - to the police. The hijackers are still at large.

Adams said Warburton was an "incredible woman" who cared about others and "would not hurt a fly".

"She wrote the medical board admission exam only last week. Bianca wanted to return to Durban and settle there. She grew up in Durban, and her parents, brother and sister still live there."

Adams said he heard about the hijacking on the radio on Wednesday morning, unaware that Warburton was the victim.

'Terribly shocked'

"Someone phoned me later and said it's definitely her. We're all still terribly shocked and haven't even started thinking about funeral arrangements."

She said Warburton's parents travelled to Johannesburg after hearing the news. Some of Warburton's shocked family members and clinic staff gathered at the crime scene, according to Eyewitness News.

According to a radio report, Gabrielle Ngwenya of the Alexandra clinic, said that patients and staff are traumatised and will be receiving counselling.

Shirona Patel, spokesperson for the University of the Witwatersrand where Warburton was studying, told Sapa that the university is mourning her death. - Beeld

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Sielispeeer said...

Wtf did she do in Alexandra????

Viking said...

this is awful - the University must bear some responsibility for sending students out into these hell-holes for their "internships" or whatever. It happens all over SA, with kids being sent into townships.

Anonymous said...

Whites must doctor, nurse and each whites; blacks must doctor, teach and nurse blacks. The moment one does these things for the other, the other loses the desire or ability to do it for themselves!

Vanilla Ice said...

Read my update to the article.

Anonymous said...

another unnecessary murder.surely govt. must do something to stop this behaviour.why else would an attractive white woman be doing in a shithole but to help these god forsaken heathens.That one white death was probably helping save hundreds of useless black she is dead and to blame for putting her in harms way.why the fuck am i not seeing this on the front page or is their no space for all the victims of crime.i feel sorry for the families loss but i am also angry at the fact that innocent victims like her could trust working and helping these savages.govt should be promoting the idea that white people who are foolish enough to give their time and sadly their lives to help blacks after 15 years of pure hell in sa are national treasures and should be carried on a pedestal.if the black people of that township are truely remorseful for her death,the only way i would be truely convinced is if they caught those killer rubbish and unleash mob justice on them.this will send out a clear message to all those would be fukin criminals that white people are there for their benefits and should be treated accordingly.

Vanilla Ice said...

@Anon 6:40am. We are all very angry. Bear in mind that it is a requirement to work in these places, in order to complete your degree. You have no choice. Think of all the innocent kids, working towards their degrees, just like Bianca, that have to drive to the same shitholes tomorrow, praying hard that nothing happens to them. The government and the universities are undoubtedly to blame. They have made many people believe in the whole, "we are all victims" crap; that crime is random.

Doberman said...

@ VI, they all have choices. We gave up careers, businesses, jobs, sacrificed our degrees and lost money to ship out to avoid becoming victims.

Maybe Bianca (and I have a sister-in-law that age) was naive as is my relative but surely those around her should have known better? And what is a Masters degree gained in SA worth really?

Vanilla Ice said...

@Dobes. Too true. I was pondering the worth of all my efforts. Sadly, the truth is nothing other than enlightenment. That said, we still need to acknowledge that our government, the MSM, higher education and all the other complicit pricks, are placing our youth in this situation, by denying them access to the truth.

Doberman said...

VI, indeed. The msm and others are complicit in her death but then again the truth is there if people are prepared to scratch below the surface. Surely enough has been said about crime for people to want to query. If she was too young to care, what about those around her? Her parents, older relatives? We all talk don't we? She probably knew of the dangers but chose to ignore them. Very sad.

FishEagle said...

"the truth is there if people are prepared to scratch below the surface"

Oh man, how true! SAns deserve whatever comes their way (in the general sense, I am not heartless about what happened to Bianca Warburton). I'm sick of whites in my social circle getting offensive when I talk about crime in SA.

Anonymous said...

Sielspeeer asks - What was she doing in Alexandra??? She was doing her JOB - she was a decent human trying to help, to do good! One would think that these savages would realise that being there she was helping the other illiterates such as themselves and especially those who have no idea how to be good parents! Then these bastards will reproduce!!! What a disaster!!