Tuesday, October 06, 2009

South Africa thugocracy transformation complete

We're there. We're Zimbabwe minus the land grabs (that will come). We're a thugocracy where thieves and liars command positions of power. The president is a crook. His advisers are crooks. His friends are crooks. His party is made up of crooks. Somebody put the showerhead back on Zuma's head. Just think, we have another five years of this Zumaphication of South Africa to enjoy..

ANC establishes Caster Semenya support team

ANC just trying to score points with Semenya task team
- The Times

Over the weekend, during an athletes meeting in Pretoria, Athletics South Africa (ASA) and ANC members under the leadership of a board member of ASA, Mr. Hendrik Mokganyetsi had, according to the Sunday Newspaper, Rapport (4 October 2009) shut up one of the athletes and chairperson of the athletics meeting, Mr. Arnaud Malherbe, by talking louder than Malherbe and calling him a racist.

Mokganyetsi furthermore intimidated an athlete, Ms. Geraldine Pillay, by shoving his finger in her face and wagging it in front of her while one of his youth commando members grabbed her by the shoulders.

According to Adv. Alberts, FF Plus Parliamentary spokesperson on Sport, these actions attest of a frightening contempt for the freedom of speech as well as physical integrity of their own athletes by the ASA and the ANC cadres.

"The ANC government has to intervene now to restore the peace and racial harmony. If not, the speedy regression of another aspect of the South African society into a complete ‘Zimbabwefication' will take place," according to Alberts. Is this the legacy which president Zuma wants to leave behind?" he asked.

If the ANC is not interested to get ASA in order, it would do the athletes well to ask all sponsors to withdraw their financial support to ASA and to give it to an independent athletics body which is set up and managed by the athletes themselves.

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Anonymous said...

The almost seems like the ANC is itching for an international war. They are openly being provocative, albeit with mickey mouse stuff, but these guys are being emboldened by the week with their antics. Perhaps in our life time we will see a Tomahawk or two silence a few big mouths. These guys have forgotten what a poes klap feels like.

Anonymous said...

Now tell me that Chuene hasn't got primitive features.

Anonymous said...

The missing "missing link"? Ardi's bloodline? Saying he looks like an ape would be an insult to apes. He's much uglier.

Anonymous said...

You joke. I have been meaning to write a post, give a layman's overview of the science to date. The latest evidence is pointing to an earlier split, and the hypothesis that modern man evolved in Eurasia. This will finally debunk the myth that race is only superficial. It will also tie in our posts on morality, religion, IQ etc.

Anonymous said...

Seriously though, I have read that some think two modern man lineages evolved. One in Asia and one in Africa and somewhere it melded. It closes a lot of gaps with the original hypotheses. And believing that more than one human species existed simultaneously is not an issue as it has been found that as many as FOUR human species inhabited the earth very close to each other, the closest being the pigmy humans from Indonesia and Neanderthals in Europe.

Anonymous said...

Ja, but the egalitarians want us to believe that Modern Man evolved in Africa about 200,000 years ago, and then migrated out about 65,000 years ago. The big question is, why did it take so long? The answer is that Modern Man did not evolve in Africa. It isn't mainstream yet, but it will be.

h said...

I read this book, which settled it for me : http://www.erectuswalksamongst.us/

I know that blacks are a seperate species to whites and should be classified as such.

Quark said...


Yes, I read that too. It's excellent. By the end I realised it is hopless and pointless regarding blacks as the same species as whites and trying to integrate the two. Absolutely hopeless - all the * scientfic * reasons are there.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that Semenya's lawyers don't tell the lot of them to get stuffed.

h said...


With average IQ's of around 65-75, their brains are unable to think the way yours does. Logical solutions and actions are not that easy to come by for them. It is easier to just shout and scream racism because it doesn't take any brain power to do that. This same problem of little brain capacity / power goes from top to bottom, which means a worsening situation for South Africa.

Evolution takes a very long time. Besides the fact that the gap is too far for blacks to catch up, whites will always be a few hundred thousand (perhaps even millions) years ahead in evolutionary terms. There really is no hope, the only thing that can save the white race is for the white race to be racist and care about itself and not other sub-human races.

No more aid to blacks.
No more assistance to blacks.
No more compassion for blacks.

Exzanian said...

The proof is complete. If you cannot make the correlation between race and incompetence, you are either retarded or in a coma. I however suspect that most people know the truth but choose to ignore it because the implications open up a pandora's box that nobody wants to face.