Wednesday, October 14, 2009

South Africa is for South Africans

Dear Editor,

I have just driven past the place where refugees are given permits/documents to allow them to stay in South Africa. There was a huge queue of people from what looked like various parts of Africa.

There are a lot of policies I don't agree with such as AA and BBEEE but the excuse the ANC uses is that these policies at least benefit previously disadvantaged South Africans.

My question is to the ANC and its members. Why and what benefit does South Africa and its people have allowing the influx of people into our country at the moment?

We are short of basic needs such as water, electricity, basic health care and food. Our infrastructure is under enormous pressure and service delivery to poor South Africans is at its worst in years. I feel for these people but South Africa is not in a position to help,
certainly not until our own people are receiving at least basic living needs.

A large proportion of crime can be linked either directly or indirectly to these people that are coming in their thousands daily. Jobs are a scarce commodity most of the time but especially at the moment, whatever is available should be preserved for our own people.

So please help me understand why this is being allowed to happen and what benefit there is for our own people. If it is due to a lack of control, we should be spending money to solve this. We have an army that is grossly underutilised, why are they not controlling our borders?

My conclusion is that the ANC has either lost control or even worse that they don't give a damn. If it is the latter then I am afraid the ANC can never honestly say that they are a party for the poor.

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Vanilla Ice said...

Seems BC is keeping up a steady stream of articles, in the hope of being invited back.

Doberman said...

That won't happen. It would require unanimous agreement from all the contributors and readers and one would have better luck getting the ANC to stop stealing.

Vanilla Ice said...

Just updated the academics affected by crime list, A Masters student from Wits was murdered.

Doberman said...

Unreal. I hope I'm wrong but say this student was one of those that believed these profs/lecturers that crime was perception or an over-reaction. Are they morally culpable for her death? Do they feel any remorse? I doubt they care. It's the leftwing illusion of a rainbow nation living in multi-cultural harmony that matters to them rather than real lives being at stake.

Anonymous said...

The influx of foreign (and more desperate - therefor harder working) black plays into the ANC agenda for the white nations (especially the Boers) of South Africa.

As foreign munts take local black jobs, rhetoric against the white will be ratcheted up by the Malema's and other vitriolic simian reprobates until spontaneous "xenophobia" erupts into the act of genocide all across the country.

This is merely the ANC making the proles more desperate and more angry at the whites for whatever percieved slight or wrongdoing is the flavour of the month... But as it starts to bite, the sheeple will become more and more ready to kill. They have already been desensitised to whites as humans for many years via the ANC and their "street committees".

This is merely going to provide the tipping point. The ANC are aware of what it is doing to the job market with the associated "actions" against whites and they are happy to keep sponsoring the silent genocide of the white race under the guise of "crime".

Unless we break free of these simian scum and establish a free white / coloured /asian republic somewhere in SA that we can hold, legally and morally (like the WC) we are siriaaasly fucked.

Certain global and local events lead me to believe that the global genocide of the white race is coming very close. The world does not like us as our achievements make a complete and absolute mockery of their "equality" so they are going to get rid of us. The mud races hate crimes against the white nation are becoming more frequent and more barbaric across the globe. Unless the white WAKE UP and stop feeding themselves and their children liberal PC bullshit morning, noon and night we will lose this fight, and we will be swept into the pages of history (soon to be revised).


Wake up to the peril we face and de-propagandise your kids. we have a war to win and we will never do it if the traitors are in our own houses.

Leifur said...

This issue is the single best one for right wingers anywhere, including South Africa, to wrest the normal middle class and poor voter (where they are the most numerous) away from the left who always claims to be speaking on their behalf.

Well they ain´t and the sooner the mass of the population knows it, the better. Influx of uneducated menial workers lowers the wages of those competing with them, which the left has "solved" with increasing welfare assistance to those groups but that can´t continue endlessly.

Especially, as f.e. the Heritage Foundation (look them up!) has pointed out unskilled immigrants are a net drag on the very same welfare system. That is their tax dollars do not cover their cost to the government, at least in the US according to their study.

So you need to build up a civilized, cross-racial South Africans First anti-immigration movement. A movement who abhors violence, but wants secure borders, tighter immigration laws and that the law be upheld everywhere.

But the ANC seems to be intent on boosting the black population of SA and drown out the whites in a sea of blacks, where racial affiliation is more important than tribal, cultural, religious or even patriotic identity. And mass immigration of rootless people that will intermingle with locals is theoretically optinal for that. They will trust their descendants will vote for a party whose name implies a congress of African nations.