Friday, October 23, 2009

Slaughter at 2010 soccer showpiece?

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I am glad I am not in South Africa during the World Cup.

This reminds me of someone who once said that he does not mind black neighbours in the neighbourhood, as long as they do not slaughter goats on the sidewalk.....


JOHANNESBURG - Ritual animal slaughter will take place at each 2010 Fifa World Cup stadium before the tournament – if traditional leaders get their way.

Traditional leaders announced yesterday that they were set to propose beast-slaughtering rituals at all the World Cup venues ahead of the tournament next year.

Zolani Mkiva, chairman of Makhonya Royal trust, said they had not yet communicated the proposal to the Local Organising Committee (LOC) but plans were under way.

“We have spoken to the office of the CEO and hope to meet him (Danny Jordaan) next week on his return from an overseas trip,” he said.

Mkiva added that they had also sent 2010 LOC chairman Irvin Khoza a letter.

“We want the rituals to be performed at all stadiums. It is necessary that an inkomo (a cow) be slaughtered at each one of the stadiums and by doing so we would be inviting our African ancestors to be with us throughout the soccer event,” he said.

Mkiva added that customs and rituals had to be performed and everything had to be done “not by the book but by tradition – we want an African festival”.

He also announced that traditional leaders would early next month launch the African Royal Awards (ARAs) aimed at honouring the achievements and excellence of the finest sons and daughters of Africa, which he said would be held during the World Cup.

Fifa spokesman Delia Fischer refused to comment when contacted yesterday, adding that Fifa was not at all familiar with the tradition.

“I will conduct research on this,” she added.

LOC spokesman Rich Mkhondo could not be reached for comment.

For now, it remains to be seen whether the 2010 LOC and the world football governing body, Fifa, will consider a proposal from the traditional leaders to perform rituals at all World Cup stadiums.

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Viking said...

"we would be inviting our African ancestors to be with us throughout the soccer event"

depends -
Are they any good at taking free kicks?

h said...


Probably not free kicks, but free tickets... for sure. Perhaps their 'ancestors' will fill the stadiums if they are not completely sold out.

Perhaps they will also want to sacrifice a virgin... you never know. Could be an entertaining show after all.

thewordwright said...

Started a petition to stop this, if you are interested:


Viking said...

h -