Monday, October 05, 2009

Savage by definition

More madness in the Eastern Cape

“Of or pertaining to the forest
Remote from human abodes and cultivation; in a state of nature;
Wild; as, a savage wilderness.
Wild; untamed; uncultivated; as, savage beasts.
Uncivilized; untaught; unpolished; rude; as, savage life; savage manners.
Characterized by cruelty; barbarous; fierce; ferocious; inhuman; brutal; as, a savage spirit.
A human being in his native state of rudeness; one who is untaught, uncivilized, or without cultivation of mind or manners.
A man of extreme, unfeeling, brutal cruelty; a barbarian.
To make savage.”

Over the weekend I made an observation that one of the reasons for the crime in SA is the “savage nature of South African blacks”.

Below is an opinion published in News24 by Tendani Siala related to the ANCYL.

As the ANCYL represents the black youth on behalf of the ANC, their behavior surely represents the majority of the black youth of South Africa, so in other words the black community, or the black society.

I have highlighted very specific words in this opinion that demonstrates savage behavior.

I also appreciate it that an opinion like this is published. However, it will not change anything related to the ANCYL, because the ANCYL represents the majority, and by default has the approval of the majority to conduct themselves as savages.

ANCYL 'will do a lot of harm'
by Tendani Siala
2009-10-05 11:10

The conduct of the ANCYL should be a matter of concern for all right thinking citizens of this country. It is quite clear that this formation, which operates more like a gangster outfit, will do a lot of harm to our society if they are not stopped in their tracks.

The sad thing is that their mother body, the ANC, seems to be totally incapable of reigning in these delinquents. What is worrying is that each time the ANCYL are allowed to get away with their barbarous behavior they become even more emboldened to come up with more nonsense.

One wonders whether the silence by their seniors in the ANC is out of fear of incurring the wrath of these uncouth brats. It is clear that the ANCYL revel in the bad publicity they attract from time to time.

In addition, the young hooligans seem to be taking full advantage of the fact that very few self-respecting and decent people have the guts to take them to the cleaners for fear of being publicly insulted.

I am prompted to express these sentiments in light of the developments in the ASA/Nedbank saga. The conduct of the ANCYL in this matter has been, to say the least, utterly barbaric.

Firstly, without advancing any coherent reason and in the face of overwhelming negative sentiments by the South African public towards Leonard Chuene, the ANCYL saw it fit to rally behind the disgraced ASA president. They don't seem to give a hoot about the impact of Chuene's despotic conduct to the image of the country in the eyes of the world. It is quite clear that the ANCYL has become some sort of a protection racket usually found in countries where the agenda and whims of the criminal underworld hold sway in the socio-political order.

Nedbank as a business entity has all the right in the world to disassociate themselves from a discredited organisation like ASA. But alas, the ANCYL in their moronic wisdom have decreed that Nedbank should not have a right to decide who they associate with and for that they must pay the price. The idiotic behaviour by these young thugs shows how much they overestimate their importance and influence in the country.

However, one must concede though that the conceit of the ANCYL is not entirely without any basis. Besides the fact that many senior ANC members, including some cabinet members, are very afraid of crossing path with the bloodthirsty Young Lions it is a well known fact that many of them owe their political existence and survival to the ANCYL. For example, in Limpopo the premier ascended the seat of power simply because the ANCYL decided as such and no wonder the man is widely seen as a puppet of Julius Malema.

Back to the Nedbank issue I think it will be a sad day for our society as a whole if the bank buckles under the criminal threats of these ANCYL hooligans. Nedbank should know that the overwhelming majority of South Africans, black and white are behind them and stand firm in their decision to terminate their sponsorship of ASA. No sane person is going to withdraw his business from the bank on the say-so of these rabid miscreants.

If Nedbank caves in this will open the way for more blackmail and barbarous conduct by the ANCYL. One cannot rule out the possibility of greedy and self-centred individuals in the mould of Leonard Chuene running to the ANCYL when they realise that their corrupt and selfish agendas are not likely to see the light of day.

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Exzanian said...

Oh, you can be sure Nedbank will cave in...No doubt about it. It's part of the Borg compromise of living in South Kafrica. Remember Paul Harris with his lofty "anti crime" advertising campaign two years ago for First Rand Bank? it was squashed by the maggot Mbeki (who is now, ironically, much despised by the very Borg of which he was prez)

Friend said...

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Anonymous said...

@ AC, I guess the case has been made.