Friday, October 16, 2009

Run up to 2010 World Cup - Nelspruit

Another case of censorship through language.

This article was published in an Afrikaans newspaper today.

Below is a rough translation of the article.

I couldn't find this article anywhere in the English media.

I wonder why?

One thing that stands out, is that these demonstrators are not scared of rubber bullets.

Police vehicle remains in the battle when members must flee

Ten policemen took flight yesterday during a violent demonstration at the 2010 stadium when their rubber bullets ran out.

Some of the approximately 300 demonstrators then burned and destroyed an extravagant BMW police reaction vehicle.

It was the second consecutive day of violent protests at the stadium.

"It was like something from a movie," a witness who wishes to remain anonymous, yesterday told Beeld.

"The protesters first climbed on top of the BMW and kicked out the windows, then stole the equipment from the vehicle and broke of the blue lights."

One of the protestors broke into the trunk and stole a shotgun.

The demonstrators then put plastic bags on fire and thrown into the car.

Within minutes the car was burning.

After police enforcement arrived, the demonstrators were driven back and about 30 of them were arrested.

The Nelspruit-fire department was called in to extinguish the fire.

Later a Police helicopter flew low over the shantytowns in the bushes around the stadium.

Supt. Malcolm Mokomene said the stolen shotgun was not recovered yet.

They objected because the government did not honor its earlier promises made to them, that a new school is to be built next to the stadium.

Mokomene however said the police doubt whether yesterday's protests is about the school "We suspect criminals for yesterday's riots because no school child took part."

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