Friday, October 16, 2009

Riots in South Africa worsen

This was expected. Same shit, different decade. Zuma promised to tackle corruption and improve service delivery. So far he has been a president in hiding, a man of few words and even less action leaving everything to the same structures that gave rise to the problems in the first place. The corrupt councillors are still in place. The provincial officials are still useless and corrupt. Parliament is still rubbish.

Zuma's election contained the pressure cooker for a time but the steam is hissing again. The masses of impoverished poor whose expectations were raised with the recent Zuma election have had them dashed again. Zuma's promises like all the ANC's promises before him amount to shite.

It doesn't excuse these people's conduct. The country owes them nothing and they are entitled to nothing they haven't earned. Yet it's too late to change that mindset as they have been implanted with the notion by repeated election propaganda that government exists to provide for their whims. Mind you service delivery is not really a whim but if you vote for monkeys, you get bananas.

At what point will there be a complete breakout of rioting throughout the country and should that happen, can it be contained? The threat to the ANC, ironically, may not be whites or the DA or the AWB but its own voters. Wouldn't that be poetic justice.

The Examiner (US)

Standerton, South Africa - Rioting in the South African town of Standerton has intensified and spread to at least four other towns.

The center of the violence, Standerton, is a highly impoverished community located about 90 miles southeast of Johannesburg. The protests turned violent due to the perception of governmental inaction regarding the improvement of their lives and economic conditions following the April elections.

Many of the protestors voted for the African National Congress, the political party that ended apartheid, out of loyalty and because of the promises the candidates made regarding the provision of houses, jobs, and other life value enhancing actions. Thus far, none of the promised actions have come to fruition for the residents of the Standerton area and other equally suffering communities.

Police have used rubber bullets and tear gas in attempt to disperse the rioters in a less than lethal manner. Yet, in spite of their efforts injuries are occurring as an inevitable consequence of the clashes. Residents, who do have jobs, are not reporting for work out of fear to leave their homes and local businesses are suffering due to manpower shortages and the significantly reduced numbers of consumers. The fears come from the violence and destruction inflicted by the hordes of rioters.

The political leaders, who were voted into office by the now protesting poor, have admitted that they were not expecting the problems they have encountered during the country’s first significant recession in two decades. Government representatives continue to ask for patience from the masses of angry citizens but time is a luxury few have when people are living in shacks, lacking basic utilities, and going hungry.

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Anonymous said...

watch how our govt.will try to shift all this blame on to the poor white minority as if they are to blame for the lack of service delivery.our govt.gets paid in all kind of taxes by this poor white minority to provide service to the nation but instead they squander it on luxury automobiles,1st.class accommodation.bribery, corruption.etc...etc...etc.service delivery is only and after thought in their minds.No i must look after myself first and if there is money over maybe we can go unblock a few toilets in the townships as a show of service.with such perceptions of mismanagement service delivery can not keep your bucket ready to flush your own toilet