Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Remember Peter Hain? He's back to his old tricks

I have posted on the BNP lately for a few reasons. One, the BNP may not be perfect but it is the only organisation that advocates the preservation of the indigenous white culture of the UK and that in my book is a cause worth supporting. Two, anything that impacts South Africans has my attention and the UK is home to the largest number of South African expats in the Diaspora including contributors and many readers of this blog. Three, I fu*king hate bullies. The mainstream media and the established parties plus leftwing organisations ganging up on a little party is BS. It shows the lengths to which the establishment will go to maintain their monopoly on British society and the consequences be damned. I've already shown you an example of the leftwing media bias. The BNP has awoken a pride in Britishness which is a white culture with a great heritage and the BNP seeks only to preserve that heritage for future white British children. If the BNP fails, the future of the British Isles is one swamped with third-world migrants and the concomitant degradation as witnessed in South Africa. As for Hain, he wants the BNP banned from appearing on the BBC. What are you afraid of Hain?


The war on the BNP

Former bank robber suspect Peter Hain has falsely accused the British National Party of breaking the law - and is being served with official interested party status notices from party members over this threat to take legal action against the BBC.

According to news reports, Mr Hain has claimed that by allowing the BNP onto Question Time, the BBC was acting in contravention of the law "because the BNP has admitted that it is an illegal organisation."

Mr Hain, who was arrested in 1974 for a bank robbery in Putney after four eyewitnesses identified him as the suspect, is of course, lying. His claim that the BNP admitted that it is currently acting contrary to the law is based on a deliberate twisting of the original settlement letter handed in to the court during last week's case brought by the race Gestapo Commission for Equalities and Human Rights.

At no time during or in the settlement of the case, did the BNP's representatives accept that the party was anything but a lawfully constituted organisation under the current Race Relations Act.

The BNP merely undertook to use their reasonable endeavours to ensure that the constitution of the BNP would comply with the upcoming Equality Act, which is not yet in force and which is only due for Royal Assent in Spring next year. This means that all the BNP has done is undertake to comply with a law that is due to come into force at a future date. Nothing was agreed or conceded by the BNP concerning the current law.

Even the decision to halt membership applications was made in order to take the BNP outside the remit of the existing law and therefore make it impossible for the Commission for Equality and Human Rights to pursue its politically motivated legal action against the party. Any legal action against the BBC which argues the BNP is and has accepted that it is an unlawful organisation, is therefore based on a complete lie and is bound to fail.

Lawyers acting for the BNP have drawn up a legal "notice of interested party status" letter, which supporters can download and send to Mr Hain directly. A notice of interested party status letter can be sent by any person who can prove a legal interest in the matter. This automatically includes all BNP members and voters. This letter will oblige Mr Hain to include the sender of that letter a full copy of any legal action which he might institute against the BBC.

The BNP's lawyers have also advised supporters to give notice to the BBC asking for notification if they receive legal proceedings on the matter. This should be done in case Mr Hain backs down and gets someone else to bring the action against the BNP in his stead.

Any notification from the BBC of legal action can then be used to send new interested party status letters to the new litigant. The original letter to Mr Hain can then have its address changed to that of the new litigant.

The letters cannot be faxed or emailed to the BBC and will have to be sent by post. All the relevant addresses are included in the letters. The BNP's legal team has also started compiling a claim against the legal director of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, John Wadham, for allegedly making a negligent or fraudulent mis-statement in the discharge of a public duty.

The BNP lawyers argue that Mr Wadham allegedly totally misrepresented the nature of the agreement reached between the BNP officers and CEHR in his comments to the press. This was done in breach of the duties he owes the public as a public official.

The fight back against the disgraceful establishment persecution of our Party is moving into top gear. We will not stand by and have our rights and freedoms trampled on by the liberal Left and their media fellow tribespeople.

Please help in either of the two ways outlined and explained below:

1. Download and dispatch the following letters both to Peter Hain and also to the BBC.

- Letter to Peter Hain MP
- Letter to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

2. The BNP is reeling from having our membership list frozen at the behest of the so-called 'Equalities Commission', led by the arrogant immigrant Trevor Philips. Simple, straight forward donations are now more important than ever - they are absolutely critical! To fight campaigns, elections and to protect our rights in the courts costs huge amounts of money. We don't have the backing of Marxist trade unions or dodgy big business - no, we depend on our ordinary members' generosity to fight back against the establishment on behalf of our long suffering people. The funds provided by the explosive influx of new members allowed us to prosper and grow - now that is at an end for 3 months! It is up to us, our existing members, to help our Party survive the next 3 months. If you can send a gift to the British National Party's fight back and General Election preparations then please click on the link below:

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White Brit aka ethnic minority said...

Don't worry mate alot of us over here have got this mug worked out.

Ever wondered he isn't living in his idea of perfect Africa or is a member of the South African government? Because we all know they aren't rich pickings like the expense claims he makes in the UK.

Look's like in Hains case once a theif always a thief.

Him and his mates destroyed South Africa now they are trying to finish the job off with us. Don't worry we are finally waking up.

Stay safe and strong.