Thursday, October 01, 2009

Rambling research in the Caster Semenya affair

The below was an earlier attemp by me to look at this from many angles, but it was a bit "thin" to publish.

Now, with the post from Loggi "Malema threatens Nedbank", I thought that it might become a bit more relevant.

When I read about any topic in the media, I usually try to visit the internet sites of the mentioned parties. (25/09/2009)

In this it obviously is the SA Athletics organization’s site.

The only article on that site regarding Semenya, is where they call for a commission of enquiry, and how to best focus on the interest of the athlete.

I really browsed that site to see if any official announcements regarding the support for Leonard Chuene were made….

Nada, nothing, niks…….

Their search engine doesn’t work, or they have disabled any searches for Chuene or/and Semenya….

I did then read the President’s (Chuene) message.

Nice, very civilized, professional sounding and looking message.

As I browsed further I stumbled over the selection criteria for the World Championship to be held in Berlin, German, 15-23 August, 2009.

It is rather lengthy and deals mostly with venues and/or performance times.

However, there are a few passages out of these criteria, which beg to be published.

(i) The sole purpose of the team selection criteria contained herein is to provide ASA with an objective process to be employed for the selection of the team to the above-mentioned event (the Champs);
(ii) The primary purpose of sending a South African team to the Champs is for the team to bring back glory to South Africa, in the form of medals, or for team members to at least end in the finals (final 8) of their events;

Bring back glory for South Africa? Athletes must comply with very high standards, and bring back glory…yes, I like it. However, the high standards are only relevant for the athletes and not the administration?

How wonderful

4.2 The following performances will not be accepted:
(i) Performances achieved in mixed (including male and female participants) track and field events.

(ii) Wind-assisted performances.
(iii) Hand-timing performances.

I find this extremely funny….

And now the crowning excerpt

4.4 These criteria are subject to the rules of the IAAF, and the rules of the IOC, governing the Champs.

What can I say to highlight the severity of what ASA has done measured against this? Nothing, I guess….

The next thing that caught my eye was the address of ASA.
Athletic House Houghton Estate….

My, my……very upscale. I tried to compare the visions of this address with the visions I have of Semeya’s environment, rural Limpopo, and there is no comparison.

This automatically led into the next question. Who sponsors ASA? They surely have no shortage of money.
And do these sponsors support Chuene as president of ASA?

A short list of the official sponsors shown on the website.
Yellow pages
National lottery
Southern Sun
Sport and Recreation, South Africa.

I visited all the above sites to see if there are/were any reactions to Chuene’s management of the events …..Nothing.

A question though. As Sport and Recreation, South Africa is listed as a partner of ASA, I make the huge leap in deduction, that the government is also sponsoring ASA?
If that is true, then every tax payer in this country has a say in how ASA should behave them.

And yes, I agree with Malema on one thing.

We will watch to see what Yellow pages and other sponsors are going to do.

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Vanilla Ice said...

Nice piece of investigative work.

Doberman said...

Nice work AC.