Friday, October 16, 2009

A possible solution

A News24 user, Bronwyn has some excellent suggestions for our pretentious overpaid coonrades living off the weary taxpayer: Pay your way! Naturally stern letters like hers to the editor will find their way to the great LaZooma who will immediately put an end to such errant behaviour...

Seriously Bronwyn, your sentiments are well said and kudos for speaking up but until your fellow compatriots wake the fu*k up and start to take action, you, me, we will be told to stop blowing smoke up people's asses, it ain't that bad.


Cars. Expenses. Extravagant stays at hotels. Trips overseas. Our Civil Servant sure now how to live it up at our expense. When are we as Joe Public going to ask why this happening? We all do the open-mouthed gasp of outrage. We shake our heads and then carry on with our days.

The UK has a similar problem with MPs claiming for duck houses and moat cleaning and second homes. The ministers have been named and shamed and their sins listed for all to see. They have now started paying back the funds they have unlawfully claimed. We should do the same.

What I can't seem to grasp is why they are given permission to purchase these cars in the first place and why they have these enormous car allowances.

Someone said to me the other day, "But CEOs of corporations drive bigger more expensive cars". My reply was simple. Did the taxpayer purchase the car for him? Is his or her job description include the phrase " the best interests of South Africa and her citizens".

When you work in government, you are supposed to be working towards a better tomorrow for your country and its people. Not taking the taxpayer for a ride?

I have a suggestion:

I have no objection to a minister or any government official to having a car allowance, staying in fabulous hotels and even flying overseas on holiday. But then it would be on his or her personal account.

I think a R250 000 motorcar should do just fine. If the official would like something with a bit more flash, then he can go ahead a purchase one on his own account - minus the R250 000. If you live 150km away from where you work, then travelling to work is for your account. Since when do people get paid to go to work?

If you don't like it, then move. If your home is being renovated - you can live in the dust or go stay at a 5 star hotel - on your own pocket. That is what a salary is for. Well for the rest of us anyway

It is your money, if you want to waste your money on a flashy car, or a shopping spree in Dubai. Then go ahead - it is your money. But don't you dare take my money and waste it on your own personal crap.

I happily pay my taxes because I am entrusting my government to build schools, maintain and improve infrastructure, and pay the salaries of teachers and police officers.

Add up all the money that has been wasted by our government officials on their fancy cars and the hotel stays, that has been discussed and reported on in the last three months by our wonderful media and just imagine what could have been done for just one school in your neighbourhood.

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Pensioner said...

I agree with you Dobes, it is all like water off a duck's back. I hear jz is going to have a meeting next week with, in excess, of 200 Mayors and all the Premiers, to talk about "Sufface Deleeverie". I'll bet he is really going to lay down the law on all this unneccesary expenditure and non-performance of the comrades, that is taking place in the Provinces, Cities and Dorpies of our country, He will probably get Julius Dilemma to give the comrades hell as well. Us taxpayers will of course gladly pay for all travelling costs incurred on this futile excercise, but WTF they were voted into power by the peephol fair and square, so the tax payers can just shut up, kak en betaal, and let the leaders meet, caucus and, as usual, do F#@k all about the real issues that are ruining the Country.