Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Physical evidence.....wonder who is lying?

Tortured woman says she lied

Tom Breen

Charleston - A black woman at the centre of a 2007 torture case that raised questions about racism in West Virginia now says she lied about being a victim.

The law office of Columbus, Ohio, attorney Byron L Potts says Megan Williams will attend a Wednesday afternoon news conference there during which Potts or Williams will discuss why she lied about being assaulted by a gang of white people in Logan County.

Seven people pleaded guilty to a variety of crimes in that case. All but one was sentenced to lengthy jail terms.

Brian Abraham, the former prosecutor who oversaw the cases, called Williams' new claim absurd. He says the seven were convicted on physical evidence and their own statements. - SAPA

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al said...

Yet another prime example of typical beneath low-class black behavior surfaces.