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Pastor Ray's son pleads for money so dad can keep living the good life

As an atheist, I'm not anti-religion and I accept some people need religion and spirituality to get by - to each his own - but I do dislike pretenders and clergy who abuse the power they have over people seeking comfort who are prone to being easily led and duped.

C'mon folks, Pastor Ray is finding it hard to live the good life and seeks your money to continue on his high-livin' ways. All together now, awwww... What a phony!


His megachurch collects tithes and offerings of around R70-million a year and he lives the life of a millionaire, but Pastor Ray McCauley needs his flock to bail him out financially.

His son, Joshua, 26, has gone cap in hand to about 100 close friends and family to help get his dad, the leader of the Rhema Bible Church, out of debt.

Joshua's impassioned plea was attached to an invitation to McCauley's surprise 60th birthday party at the Sandton Convention Centre on Thursday night in "Old Hollywood" style.

"I would love nothing more than to help my father settle his existing debt and see him go into his 60s debt-free," he wrote.

"As his son, I have felt it in my heart and now humbly request that, should you be considering giving him a gift for his 60th, you consider participating with me in this endeavour."

McCauley and his wife, Zelda, recently announced that they would be moving back to Johannesburg,
after several years of flying from Durban - where they lived in a R6.5-million beachfront mansion - to lead services at the 40000-strong Randburg congregation.

Depending on how the offerings went this week, this year's gift is likely to be more substantial than the R2030 pair of Prada sunglasses Joshua bought for his dad in 2007. At the time, he billed the church for "Ps Ray's birthday gift".

In his quest to help his dad, Joshua described how "from a young boy", he watched his father "do his utmost to walk the talk".

"You may be aware of the challenges my family has faced, but no matter what the circumstances, I saw my dad be true to the convictions of his faith," his letter read.

"As his son, it is my greatest wish to honour him with a gift that I know will change his life forever."

Joshua has refused to reveal how guests responded.

"I don't believe it's anybody's business. I only gave that letter to his close private friends and family. It probably went to about 100 people," he said.

"The reality is that I did it without his knowledge."

The charismatic pastor's money woes come as a surprise, as he is believed to earn more than R100 000 a month, and he and his wife have often hit the headlines over their penchant for the finer things in life.

A few years ago, Zelda arrived at a Sunday Times interview carrying a Fendi handbag, and McCauley rode up on his Harley-Davidson motorbike.

Zelda once told the Sunday Times that the secret to her cleavage was Victoria's Secret, the exclusive underwear range.

"I particularly love French and Italian lace. It may be a bit pricey, but a girl has got to feel good about how she looks," she said.

McCauley's birthday was celebrated just days before the 30th anniversary conference of the Rhema Bible Church at the Dome, north of Johannesburg, this weekend.

Guests at the conference included pastors Joel and Victoria Osteen, from one of the fastest-growing churches in the US, pastor Joseph Prince from Singapore and two-time Grammy winner Israel Houghton and New Breed. According to the church website, Karen Zoid, Joe Niemand and Kabelo were also due to perform.

Thursday night's birthday party was only for the "rich and famous," according to a disgruntled church member.

"Ordinary citizens and staff of the church were not invited. It's an abomination what's happening in that church," he said.

McCauley has been under pressure over his lavish life-style. Last year he was criticised for spending R25000 on meals, including R365 bottles of Meerlust Merlot, in just over a month.

Zelda, who grew up in an orphanage, said in a magazine interview in 2004 that she set aside Wednesdays for personal pampering, including Botox treatments and massages.

"My appearance is important to me," she said. "I believe God expects a wife to look good for her husband."

She said she also shared a weakness with her husband - shopping. "In America, we love hunting for bargains in big shopping centres such as Saw Grass Mill. We love giving to others just as much."- Sunday Times

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Anonymous said...

Where's his phone number - I need to pledge...NOT!!

Butana said...

It is a shame. I am so ashamed to be called a christian. The founder of this religion never associated with the rich. He could not even afford a grave, for it was borrowed. I wonder if Jesus can idenntify with Mcauley. Shame,shame,shame.

Anonymous said...

I attended, Rhema Bible training Centre in 1983-84. I am who I am today because of the training and teaching I received, Sadly however it's an embarrassment today to say that I was ever associated with Rhema. Ray's credability is on the line, it's time to step down, as he's am embassassment to the Body of Christ. his lifstyle is a mockery