Saturday, October 10, 2009

Obama, Affirmative Action King of the World

Apparently the committee behind the Nobel Peace Prize has taken up the banner of affirmative action by delivering the award to Barack Obama, who curiously has done little to promote peace (he’s currently waging two Wilsonian wars in the Middle East, and may start a third). But they, in their wisdom, did not award Obama because of what he has done, but because of what he might do, a “down payment on the future.”

Perhaps we should do away with contests all together. Forget about Olympic races. Let’s give a medal to someone based on what he might do in the future. (It would certainly change the Vegas odds.)

This blatant affirmative action is no surprise considering Obama’s career has largely been one of affirmative action (i.e. guilt-ridden white liberals promoting him to positions for which he’s unqualified).

History of Obama’s Affirmative Action:

COLLEGE: Obama admitted to doing hard drugs (crack?) during high-school, performed mediocrely at Occidental College, and yet was accepted into Columbia University as a transfer student. (How many pot-smoking white males do you know who slacked off in high school and junior college to have been accepted into an Ivy League school?)

LAW SCHOOL: Although Obama probably only had around 3.3 GPA for his undergraduate courses, he was accepted into Harvard Law School. (Again, how many white males do you know being accepted into Harvard Law School with GPAs of 3.3?)

HARVARD LAW REVIEW EDITOR: Although no AA policy was in place at the Harvard Law Review, Harvard Law had never had a black law review editor, and everyone felt it was about time. Enter Obama.

UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO FACULTY: Interestingly, Obama was hired to teach constitutional law, although he had not published a single serious article on the subject. (How many white-male academics do you know hired by top-tier institutions without a single publication under their belts?)

The presidency, in fact, may be Obama’s only accomplishment without aid of affirmative action. He had much help, however: the fact that the media would allow no real criticism, and McCain refused to criticize the Great One in any meaningful way.

I suppose the Nobel Peace Prize is a fitting addition for someone who has done so little to advance so far.

Source: Conservative Times

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AMB said...

Not sure why Zuma wasn't given the prize. I mean, he promised 500 000 jobs by the end of the year and he set up a complaints telephone line for his sheeple. What more must he do to get the prize??

Exzanian said...

Bummer was given this award because A) He is the first black American Prez (shame on you Barrack, you know it too!) and B) To try and stymie further US International hostility....