Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Now Malema is Racist against Zulus. And Tito Mboweni

Not content with pissing off whites and women, Monkey Boy takes a swing at the IFP and Tito Mboweni.

Now I admit I don't know a huge amount about Buthelezi, but I do know he was a good sport when the 1964 Michael Caine film Zulu was made. I also know he was a lot more willing to enter into constructive dialogue with the apartheid government than the ANC, of whom Buthelezi remained deeply suspicious.

Buthelezi is also everything Malema is not. Educated, civil and a true leader. No surprise that Malema has plenty to say about him. And in Buthelezi's own backyard, too. Sadly, he did not receive a suppository assegai in reply.

By Bheki Mbanjwa

ANC Youth League president Julius Malema has continued a verbal barrage on the IFP and its president, Mangosuthu Buthelezi.

In his latest attack, Malema referred to Buthelezi as a "factory fault", while calling the IFP a "terrorist organisation".

"The ANC Youth League is a factory that has produced the best (leaders), but while we have produced the best like (Nelson) Mandela, there was also Buthelezi who was a factory fault.

Buthelezi asked Malema to withdraw the comments
"He (Buthelezi) was assigned by the movement (the ANC) to start a cultural group that would mobilise our people but he saw an opportunity and turned it into a political organisation," he said on Monday.

Malema said that because the IFP "was a cultural group that was formed for cultural reasons", it was inevitable that it was going to die a natural death.

Earlier this year, Malema angered Buthelezi when he said the ANC would campaign in the IFP president's backyard.

At the time Buthelezi asked Malema to withdraw the comments, saying they were derogatory, and he even threatened to refer the matter to the Human Rights Commission.

However, Malema was at it again on Monday, firing several verbal salvos at the IFP, even calling it a terrorist organisation that had collaborated with the apartheid state to unleash a reign of terror on black people. "While we respect everybody, we are not afraid of anyone," he said.
Even calling it a terrorist organisation

Malema was addressing members of the ANC-aligned SA Students Congress (Sasco) at the University of Zululand's Ongoye campus on Monday before the Students Representative Council elections on Thursday.

Sasco has pulled all the stops in a bid to wrest power from the IFP-aligned SA Democratic Students Movement (Sadesmo), which has controlled the students' representative body for a number of years.

Sasco looks set for victory after its only real threat, Sadesmo, was disqualified when it failed to make the deadline for the submission of its list of candidates.

This has left Sasco as the only contender in the elections.

The only requirement for the elections to be deemed credible is for 25 percent of the student population to go to the polls on the day.

Ongoye campus has a student population of about 12 000.

Law enforcement agencies are keeping a close eye on events at the campus because there are fears that violence could erupt on election day.

Malema hit out at outgoing Reserve Bank Governor Tito Mboweni, the latest victim of youth league president's sharp tongue.

He said Mboweni was "arrogant" and warned that he would not get any positions in the ANC if he continued to speak against the proposed nationalisation of mines.

"Tito must know that the nationalisation of mines will happen and it will happen in our lifetime. He (Mboweni) is nothing in the ANC because he is not in any leadership structures," he said.

He said Mboweni's "empty arrogance" had cost him reappointment as governor of the Reserve Bank because he held views which differed from those of the ruling party.

"If he continues like this, he runs a risk of not getting any nice (future) redeployment by the ANC," he said.

Malema again criticised Nedbank. saying the ANCYL would mobilise South Africans to withdraw their Nedbank accounts, if the bank did not come up with a "valid explanation" on why it withdrew its sponsorship for Athletics South Africa.

Malema said the league, which has a membership of about 600 000, could mount a successful campaign against Nedbank if it failed to engage with its leadership on the issue.


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Zarky said...

Your stupidity knows no boundaries, fuck you are a joke, if only you could see yourself from the outside - please continue I need a good laugh every night!

Anonymous said...

love the appropriate picture of Monkey Boy. If we read this article in conjunction with the IQ article just above it - it would be fascinating to know what Monkey Boy's IQ is?? As somebody said a while ago - MB used to be just a joke and everybody laughed him off - until the reality became clear that he is in fact the subliminal voice of the ANC (read: Zuma). The single scariest new trend in SA over the last year is the groundswell support that MB has received amongst the economically unempowered Blacks. There is an increase in the outrageous, bloodthirsty atrocities being spewed from MB and generically substitutable MB's around SA - and NOBODY IS STOPPING IT.

South Africa will be lucky to end up the way Zim, I so sadly predict a far worse culmination of aggression. SA's population (both Black and indigenous White) is more aggressive and polarised than ordinary Zimbabweans ever were. The indigenous Whites have much more to lose - because they have not exit door - no foreign passport to fallback on - too horrid to contemplate.

Anonymous said...

Buthelezi is a great man to talk too. Met him the first time when I was very young. Very pro-business and a brilliant thinker. Pitty he is getting old. The new class of leadership in South Africa is really 3rd grade and only fit for a cesspool.

Bantu Education said...

Laurens ver der Post, much-admired traveller, author, and mentor of Prince Charles, who had meetings with both of them, was very unimpressed with Mandela's intellect and said that Buthelezi would have made a far better leader.

Needless to say, when this got out to the Mandela-hugging MSM they launched a furious character-assassination of VdPost saying that he had invented most of his stories, etc.