Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nielsen: Fox News ratings up almost 10% since Obama declared war

It’s a nine-percent bump in the two weeks since Anita Dunn’s whine heard ’round the world — in terms of overall audience. Among the coveted 25-54 demographic? A 14-percent bump. Good work, Barry. People keep telling me that this PR offensive by the White House benefits both sides but I don’t see how that’s true. If the goal is to contain Fox by framing the stories it breaks — Van Jones, ACORN, etc — as somehow illegitimate, then every tenth of a point that Fox’s ratings go up undermines that goal. There will come a point where other news nets will follow Fox’s lead simply for business reasons, ideology or no ideology; follow the link, eyeball the list of top 20 news shows, and ask yourself how far we are from that point, really. To put it in perspective: “Red Eye,” at 3 a.m., is beating Campbell Brown at 8 p.m. on CNN in the demo. (Worse, perhaps: Anderson Cooper is getting beat by … re-runs of Nancy Grace.)

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Anonymous said...

I have Foxtel and I NEVER watch CNN - I have my international news on Fox and watch Glenn Beck regularly as he tells it like it is. I think the USA people are finally getting it.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that. I haven't watched CNN and BBC in yonks. If I want to be fed bullshit, I'll visit a farm. Fox is tops because most people can tell the difference between liberal propaganda and reality in their lives.

Anonymous said...

Fox rocks!

The Fox News Network is "fair and balanced" while CNN (Castro News Network) is a mouthpiece for kaffir Obama. Kaffir Obama is destroying the United States like the ANC is destroying South Africa. Many of my follow citizens in the United States are getting fed up with the kaffir president - the Democratic party in the U.S. should change their name to ANC!