Monday, October 12, 2009

Mugarbage freezes Nestle's bank accounts

Let it be a lesson to all who think Zimbabwe has turned a corner. Can't say I'm sorry. That's blood money. Nestle stopped buying Mrs Mugarbage's milk so she spitefully blocks their bank accounts. Such is the African way.

Nestle defends buying from Mugabe's stolen milk farms
Old McGarbage had a farm..or five


Harare -
Zimbabwe's central bank chief says the government has frozen Nestle's local accounts and ordered an audit after Nestle stopped buying milk from a farm owned by President Robert Mugabe's wife.

Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono told the weekly Zimbabwe Independent newspaper on Saturday that two possible "irregular" transactions were found in the company's accounts.

Nestle's finance director Farai Munestsi told The Associated Press that access to funds at five banks had been blocked.

The international food company stopped buying milk from Grace Mugabe's farm this month after facing worldwide boycott threats. The suspension of funds could cripple its Zimbabwe operations. - SAPA

2 Opinion(s):

Viking said...

o, please let Switzerland freeze HER bank accounts....

Anonymous said...

"Such is the African way."

You mean: "such is the Negro way"
OR do you want them to inherit the entire continent of Afica???

They already have the Presidency of the US and the Governer-general of Canada, are first class citizens in the EU, with their Abbo cousins owning most of Aus, AND you want them to have Africa too!?