Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More name changes

The thing you must bear in mind is that 99% of these places did not exist until whites established them but it doesn't stop the ANC from claiming them as theirs. Can blacks not create anything original, do they have to steal from everyone else? We may be having riots in the townships due to budget constraints, corruption etc but there is always money to change signs. Some of the name changes is stupefyingly unpronounceable monkey speak, eMakhazeni, Emgwenya, eNtokozweni, wtf? I say make it simpler, Shithole A, Shithole B, Shithole C...


Mbombela - The name of Mpumalanga's capital city has been changed from Nelspruit to Mbombela.
This follows Arts and Culture Minister Lulu Xingwana's publication on Friday in the government gazette of a list of 42 geographical name changes which she had approved between July 28 and September 2 this year.

"Some of the approved name changes in Mpumalanga are Belfast to eMakhazeni, Waterval Boven to Emgwenya, Machadodorp to eNtokozweni, and Nelspruit to Mbombela," said department spokesperson Premi Appalraju on Monday.

She said Xingwana's approval followed the recommendation of the South African Geographical Names Council (SAGNC).

Missed opportunity

SAGNC councillor and provincial geographical names committee (PGNC) deputy chairperson Mpyane Ratau-Dlamini said the Lowveld Chamber of Business and Tourism (LCBT), which is opposed to the name change, had missed two consultation meetings.

Previously, the chamber threatened to take legal action against Xingwana should she gazette the name change.

On Monday, the chamber's tourism division chairperson, Sandra Jacobs, said she was still consulting other board members on a way forward now that the name change has been gazetted.

In the minutes of the consultation meeting in February, two chamber officials are recorded as having shown up for the meeting but they left because of "business pressures".

Current names can stay - for now

In the minutes, Ehlanzeni district municipality representative Jackson Siboza said the businessmen obviously "did not think the matter was that important".

He stated in the minutes that 75% of people in 36 wards around Nelspruit had supported the proposed names.

Ratau-Dlamini promised that businesses would not be forced to change their street addresses or remove name boards immediately and that street name signs would remain "for a while".

"People will have three years to change everything," she said. - African Eye

3 Opinion(s):

Viking said...

good to know they have their priorities in order.

AMB said...

Yes! Let's spend more money on very important issues facing SA. Let's not feed the poor but re-name cities and streets. Viva corruption, viva. Now, where's Zuma's hotline number.....

Anonymous said...

Renaming places, towns etc. is the main feature of a barbaric and murderous culture and people.

Communists (like USSR) have always done that. They cannot build and develop so they need to destroy everything others have built.

Renaming is also one of the main signs before the collapse. So went USSR and all the other communist regimes down after they renamed and destroyed all they stole. They could not build and develop.

Sadly, I do not see anything good in the South African future. It just gets worse and worser. If it is not Zuma the next Murgabe, it will be Malema.

- buuri -