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Miscegenation and the Mediterranean States

A commenter has expressed shock and, perhaps, outrage at the suggestion that Italy was deemed as a bi-racial nation, in a recent excerpt from March of the Titans. I thought I would contribute to the debate, by adding some commentary from sources that I have read.

Some definitions:

Miscegenation is the inter-breeding of races, particularly between black and white.

Alleles are alternative DNA sequences at the same physical gene location, which result in different phenotypic traits.

Without going into the detrimental effects of miscegenation, I would like to say that inter-breeding does not advance a weaker race at the expense of the stronger. Some traits may be improved in the short term (like intelligence), but the other unique genetic alleles developed by a population over many thousands of years, which required the suffering and death of your forefathers, are grossly disrupted. So the hybrid offspring will be neither "fish nor foul"; in other words, neither adapted to an advanced population nor a primitive population.

"What is the most valuable possession populations have that they can pass on to the next generation? It is not wealth or even knowledge. It is their genome, their ability to reproduce themselves as the unique people that they are. To squander that by miscegenation is the ultimate betrayal of one’s heritage." - R.D. Fuerle, Ph.D.

The Y chromosome DNA is transmitted through men, so a global analysis of the the distribution of this chromosome will tell us about the migration of men. Men usually migrated without their women, and then mated with the native women. So we would expect to see migrant Y chromosome DNA, and native women mitochondrial DNA.

With reference to the above picture, the amount of colour in the circles is proportional to the number of men in that area that had the variation indicated by that colour. Note that olive is the major colour in Africa, but which also appears outside of Africa, around the Mediterranean, which were probably slaves taken to these areas. So it is undeniable that Africans have inter-bred with the Mediterranean populations.

The reason this is raised in Clash of the Titans, and other publications, is to highlight the effects of inter-breeding. Europe experienced this phenomenon long before other parts of the world, and it must act as a warning to other developed nations, who have embraced the multi-cultural egalatarian ideal, with a zeal. Let's take a look at the olive regions in more detail.


The early Egyptians were Caucasian. Egypt excelled in architecture, mathematics, and science. As Egyptians moved south, up the Nile River, they encountered black Africans (Nubians), who were brought back as slaves. Miscegenation spread, Egyptians became more Negroid, and Egyptian civilisation began a decline from which it has never recovered. Today, Egypt is a third world country with an average IQ of only 83.

Middle East

The Muslims in the Middle East made many important discoveries and inventions including coffee, the camera obscura, soap, the crank shaft, quilting, the pointed arch, surgical instruments, anesthetics, the windmill, smallpox inoculation, cheques, and algebra. When the more powerful men acquired large harems of women, many of the common men were left without wives. From about 600 to about 1000 AD, cheap African slaves were imported as concubines, a practice that did not end until the 1960s. The average IQ in the Middle East is now about 83.


Originally white, classical Greece reached such heights that it is still studied today. The IQ in Greece at that time must have been at least 100, but today it is only 92. There is as yet little evidence for the presence of African alleles in the Greek gene pool, though that would explain the drop in IQ.

Portugal and Spain

By 1550, Portugal, then a white country, had become the wealthiest, most powerful nation in the world with colonies in Asia, Africa, and South America. Unfortunately, Negro slaves were brought into Portugal from Africa between the middle 15th century until slavery was banned in the late 19th century, when Africans were about 5 to 10% of the population. Interbreeding occurred and, as a consequence, Portugal is today the poorest nation in Europe and has the lowest literacy score for ages 26 to 65. Spain was also affected, but to a lesser extent. The average IQ in Portugal is 95, but it is 99 in Spain.


Italy has a relatively high IQ at 102, which suggests that the influx of African migrants into the south, is a relatively recent phenomenon, and it has not had sufficient time to have an effect on the population; you will note that the IQ levels have dropped the most in those areas that have had an influx of Africans for many hundreds/thousands of years. Today, however, that influx is accelerated through modern means. You will probably find an IQ differential between the north and the south of Italy, though, and simple observation confirms that the south is a bi-racial part of the country.

Finally, the point is that modern nations can expect to experience an accelerated decline in intellect and standards, as their populations become diluted with third world genes.

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