Saturday, October 10, 2009

Malema: You Stole Our Land

Another poisonous belch from that puss-oozing boil on the backside of the ANC:

Johannesburg - The land in South Africa has been stolen from its people, ANC Youth League president Julius Malema said on Friday.

"At the negotiations, they said to us that for them to agree we must accept the willing buyer-willing seller idea," he told the annual conference of the Black Management Forum at Midrand.

"But now we must say we can't buy the land from you because you stole it from us," he said to laughter from conference delegates.

Malema said political freedom meant nothing if the people did not control the means of production.

"The means of production are still in the hands of white males - not even females."

He said this did not mean whites would be driven into the sea.

"We must live together in harmony, but whites must open up a place and let us participate. They must allow us to be equal partners."

Malema also had a message for those leaving the country: "Don't leave before you transfer your skills."

He said freedom should not be reduced to satisfying service delivery demands or changing street names.

"We didn't fight to change the names of the streets. We fought to control the economy of this country."



So there you have it, folks. It's words like these that justify and encourage farm murders, making JM complicit in these murders, and will one day lead to mass starvation of his own people on a Zimbabwean scale.

People, and I mean this with deepest sympathy, pack up your farms. Sell them or give them away, save your families, move to another country if you can, or to the Western Cape if you can't. You are not wanted. Give them "back" their precious land and be done with it.

You can import food from abroad; South America and Europe. That may be the only tactic available to rural white South Africans.

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Anonymous said...

It was only a matter of time really,wasn't it? To think a once proud nation is being slowly strangled by these idiots. To think that the future of all those millions of sheeple is in the hands of these lunatic power/money hungry invaders...I agree Viking - Farmers, salt your lands and leave. Burn everthing down and leave them with the bare land that the Boers started with. This is a sad day for us South Africans.

FishEagle said...

Anon, I don't see the point of salting the lands. The blacks can't produce anything from the land without interference from whites. Don't make the environment suffer for the sake of our bitterness.

Anonymous said...

I have tried to transfer my skills for over 30 years just to find that there are no takers. What the munts want is my lifestyle that comes with the diligent application of this skills. The rest of it like work, responsibility, reliability - Oh no - this uncool stuff they are really shying away from.

Doberman said...

Give them back the pissing land - LAND - mind you, not the improvements. If you can't find a buyer, then sell, break, and burn everything. If we "stole" land then they are entitled to land only. Fuckers will be eating shit within two years.

Anonymous said...

"We fought to control the economy of this country."

Eh, no Julius, firstly hardly anyone "fought" and secondly, those who set up the modern ANC (from NY/London) did so to GAIN economic control of the country, definitely NOT to give it to the Bantu! Little advice, the last guy who went there was shot dead, so, just be a good puppet ala Mandela et al, and you'll have a great life. By all means, take it out on white Africans, but don't mess with the you-know-who controlled economy, if you know what's good for you!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see them take out their frustrations on Big Capital rather than on the white Africans, which is what they're doing right now.
Imagine if Sam and Robert had nationalised the mines rather than the farms... the pom and yank military would be all over their asses and we'd be far more likely to have got our own State here in SA.

Anonymous said...

If you cant find a buyer, take out a home improvement loan, and leave the day it is in your account. That same bank was handing out bee shares like candy, so you also deserve your cut. Your credit rating is useless in a new country anyway.