Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Malema agrees to shut up

In a radical change of policy, ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema has announced that he will no longer comment on things about which he knows nothing - a move that analysts suggest is tantamount to taking a vow of silence.

Malema made his announcement on Thursday after being nominated by South Africa's gay community for a prestigious Feather Award, in the Best Drama Queen category.

Shocked journalists listened in horror as their favourite headline generating machine and 'expert' on topics as diverse as woodwork, feminism and banking declared that there would be no further pearls of wisdom dropping from his lips.

A spokesperson for Malema, Izzy Denge, said he was grateful to the happy people of South Africa for recognising his role in a growing democracy, saying he was buoyed by his nomination.

He said Malema was determin
ed to put the bluster that was a feature of the early part of his career behind him in order to focus on his strengths - in the hope of one day winning a best supporting actress Oscar, or perhaps a role as the leader of the Women's League.

"Although there is no word for 'drama queen' in Sepedi, there are plenty of words for award, and as such Julius is delighted to be recognised," Denge said.

He said Malema was looking forward to an opportunity to relax and let his hair down in the company of open-minded people.

"Julius spends so much time on the job," said Denge. "He is really looking forward to an opportunity to come out and dance the night away."

When asked to comment on rumours that Malema would get into the spirit of Saturday's Feather Award Ceremony by coming in a tutu, his spokesperson said, "The Archbishop Emeritus is 78 years old.

"We did invite him but he plays bingo on Saturday night so Julius was forced to find another date." - Hayibo

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