Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lucky baby

A SIX-month-old baby has survived falling under a Melbourne suburban train when the pram it was in rolled off the platform.

This is the video Victorian police, rail authorities and an immensely relieved family of the baby still can't believe.

Having watched in horror as a three-wheel pram holding her infant son rolled off a suburban railway platform into the path of a 250-tonne train, a Melbourne mother took him home with injuries no worse than a bump on the head.

The extraordinary CCTV footage shows the pram and baby being dragged 30 metres as the distraught mother screams at the driver to stop and stunned commuters look on.

Yet remarkably, once ambulance officers were able to retrieve the child, they found him virtually unharmed. "Apparently, he needed a nap and a feed," quipped instensive care paramedic Jon Wright.

3 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

The makers of the pram should take a bow.

Doberman said...

Actually there's been some debate in Australia about the big wheeled tri-prams' safety. Last year I think it was a similar pram with a baby rolled into a waterway and the baby drowned. The grandmother had turned her back just for a few moments. Personally, I would never buy those prams, too easy to roll by themselves. Look how quick it got rolling when the mother took her hands off the pram- and the ground was relatively flat! We always had the small four-wheelers.

Exzanian said...

If that baby was a cat, it just lost eight lives in 15 seconds!